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Cai luong star performs in TV shows

Cai luong (reformed opera) star Bui Cong Danh, winner of the famous TV show Sao Nối Ngôi (Bright Stars) 2021, will perform in a series of theatre shows on Vinh Long Television’s THVL1 channel next month. 

Young theatre producers hit it big with cai luong shows

Thousands of people in HCM City and the Mekong River Delta region have been captivated by new theatre shows and TV programmes featuring cai luong (reformed opera), a 100-year-old traditional music genre of the south.

New programme on cai luong, tuong launched

A new drama programme about cai luong (reformed opera) and tuong (classical drama) has been launched by two private theatres in HCM City. 

Famous cai luong play from the 1980s to be restaged for Tet

Meritorious Artist and cai luong star Phuong Loan and her colleagues from the HCM City-based Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theatre will stage a famous play from the 1980s by the late playwright and poet Luu Quang Vu of Hanoi. 

“The Magic Stick” - first-ever combination of circus and traditional music

“The Magic Stick” has debuted in Hanoi as the first-ever combination of circus and “cai luong”, a form of Vietnam’s folk opera using a signature melancholic song structure nostalgic for the past.

Cai luong star to release videos on YouTube

Binh Tinh, a talented theatre actress of HCM City, will release two videos featuring cai luong (reformed opera) on YouTube this week. 

Book on cai luong guru reprinted

A book about the late Meritorious Artist Nguyen Ngoc Bach, a guru of cai luong (reformed opera), has been released in HCM City.

Veteran theatre artists nominated for 2020 Mai Vang Awards

For the first time, veteran theatre artists are on a par with young actors at the 2020 Mai Vang (Golden Apricot) Awards, one of the country’s most prestigious art awards presented by Nguoi Lao Dong (The Labourer) newspaper in HCM City.

Tran Huu Trang cai luong contest begins in HCM City

The final round of the national Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Talented Performers 2020 Contest will be held on October 26 in HCM City.

Google Doodle marks Vietnam’s Cai Luong folk opera

Google Doodle today, September 28, honoured cai luong, a style of modern South Vietnamese folk opera, on the occasion of Vietnam Stage Day.

Photo exhibition features career of veteran cải lương performer

A photo exhibition featuring the career of People’s Artist Minh Vuong, a leading artist of cải lương (reformed opera), a traditional genre of southern theatre, will open in HCM City this week.

Circus and traditional arts to be combined on stage for the first time

Vietnam’s first theatrical work made up of circus and cai luong (reformed arts) – Cây Gậy Thần (The Magic Stick) – has recently been launched in Hanoi.

Cai luong guru to release CD on her 65-year-long career

People’s Artist Kim Cuong (second left, back row), who has 65 years of experience in Vietnamese theatre. Photo courtesy of the artist)

HCM City in serious need of young cai luong scriptwriters

Despite its recent success, the cai luong (reformed theatre) market needs more young scriptwriters now that the number of skilled composers is decreasing.

Cai luong star releases MV to encourge people in COVID-19 fight

People’s Artist and cai luong star Le Thuy will release an MV on YouTube next week to inspire people during the fight against COVID-19. 

Web dramas on cai luong to be released

A web drama series on cai luong (reformed opera), the south’s most popular theatre form, has started to be released on YouTube this week.

Four traditional music contests to be launched this week

Four traditional music contests will be launched in HCM City and southern provinces this week.

Cai luong needs state support

Cải lương tuồng cổ (a form of Vietnamese reformed folk opera) is in need of state support as it faces a severe shortage of human resources, according to Người Lao Động (Labourer) newspaper.

Artist revives cai luong with new style on YouTube channel  ​​​​​​​

“Everything that I have today is due to my love and contribution to cai luong (reformed opera),”  said actor Vo Minh Lam of Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theatre, one of HCM City’s leading art troupes in the traditional operatic art.

Reformed opera director dies at 88

People’s Artist and cải lương (reformed opera) director Huynh Nga died of a long-time illness on February 21 at his home in HCM City. He was 88.