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Vietnam to study logistics investment in Egypt

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will send a delegation to Egypt to study investment in logistics and promote trade in the second biggest economy in Africa from December 1-6.

Good news for Vietnam's cashew industry

Instead of competing fiercely with each other, cashew companies have now joined hands to boost exports and focus on deep processing to obtain higher added value for their products.

Vietnam still living on FIE exports

VietNamNet Bridge - Following a bumper season in 2017, import/exports continued to increase sharply in the first three months of 2018. 

Technology turns cashew-nut shells into “gold”

VietNamNet Bridge - Carnadol is much more valuable than raw cashew oil which can bring profits of at least VND2 million per ton.

Big challenge for cashew industry: when partners become rivals

VietNamNet Bridge - Several African countries, which have been loyal partners with Vietnamese cashew exporters, are becoming competitors.

Vietnam cashew exporters to add value with further processing

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam aims to increase export value of cashew nuts by more extensive processing instead of exporting raw or preliminarily processed products.

Cashew nut shells used to make cashew oil, a promising export

Cashew nut shells, considered ‘rubbish’ by many people, turn out to be a material which may create a market worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. 

Vietnam’s cashew-nut processing technology shows its power

VietNamNet Bridge - Modern technology which allows processing of cashew nuts at low costs is one of the reasons that Vietnam has become the Number 1 cashew nut exporter in the world.

Vinacas drives cashew nut exporters to death?

Tens of cashew nut exporters incur losses, while the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) has fallen into complete mess. It’s still unclear about the future of the Vietnam’s cashew industry.