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Beef cattle industry on a bumpy road

The key issue concerning the beef cattle industry relates to cattle breeds. In Vietnam, breeds of beef cattle are mostly imported from Australia. Prior to 2019, a kilogram of live cattle breeds cost US$2.95. 

Measures needed to prevent bovine 'lumpy skin disease' from spreading: Ministry

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien has recently called on several localities to take prompt action to prevent and control the spread of viral lumpy skin disease (LSD) among cattle.

Skin disease spread among cows and buffaloes in Vietnam warned

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has warned about a skin disease spread among cows and buffaloes in the country.

Thousands of cattle in Lao Cai threatened by the cold

Over 20,000 cattle in Lao Cai Province may die this year if there are strong cold spells as only three quarters of the farmers have animal sheds.

South Korea to vaccinate all cattle against foot-and-mouth disease

 South Korea's agriculture ministry said on Tuesday it will carry out a nationwide vaccination for cattle against foot-and-mouth disease by Thursday in an attempt to prevent further spread of the virus.


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