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The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has issued a directive, demanding commercial banks conduct reviews on their procedures in issuing and managing bank cards.

The central bank said its top priority is to ensure that security measures are up to standards and the rights of both consumers and banks are protected under existing laws and regulations.

Banks must take all necessary steps to make their fees, interest rates and interest calculation methods available to the public and strictly follow the central bank's rules. They must also make sure customers are informed about their rights and obligations, especially for credit cards.

Banks were told to review the entire process of handling complaints and reconciliations to ensure customer cases are resolved promptly. The banks are held responsible for contacting their customers about unusual activities, as well as non-activities, regarding their cards. They were also told to work together with Governmental agencies in security matters.

The central bank asked commercial banks to implement communication measures, through mass media, communication channels that customers can easily access, to keep them informed of their rights and obligations and to advise them on security measures to protect personal data and bank card information. — VNS