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Sea intrusion leads to landslides in central Vietnam

Saltwater has entered deep into the estuaries of central coastal provinces, leaving over 150,000 meters of collapsed hills and causing havoc for the locals.

Rebuilding homes is also rebuilding lives

Four storms, including typhoons Molave and Goni, triggered floods and landslides that devastated central provinces in Vietnam from October to December, with 249 people either killed or missing and 11,700 houses damaged or destroyed.

Schools in central region try to overcome difficulties after devastating floods

Looking at a corner of the school, Hoang Thi Duyet, principal of Hien Ninh Primary School feels happy that the lawns and flowers in the school yard have bloomed again after the historic floods that lashed the region two months ago.


Four killed, two missing as flash floods hit Central Highlands, South Central regions

Four people had been killed and two others missing because of widespreading flooding, triggered by adverse downpours, in the Central Highlands and the South Central region, as of 6:00pm on December 1.

Trash for cash: Group calls on locals to clean up village after flood

It was 9am on a morning earlier this month when a group of volunteers in pink uniform at Phu Tho Village Cooperative in Quang Binh Province used a loudspeaker to call on residents of the village to collect rubbish and sell it.

The National Assembly discusses forests, small hydroelectricity plants and floods

The first session of the National Assembly's discussion on the socio-economic situation that was broadcast live yesterday attracted the attention of voters and people nationwide.

Typhoon Molave leaves roads throughout central Vietnam damaged

The impact of typhoon Molave has served to damage the Ho Chi Minh Trail and La Son-Tuy Loan highway and key roads in the central region, with repair work set to carried out in a rapid manner to help bring transportation back to normal.

Hoi An tackling aftermath of Storm Molave

Though Storm Molave did not damage Hoi An ancient town’s architecture, local people still suffered a great deal when the rains arrived, having not long ago recovered from a second wave of COVID-19.

Floods, climate change and hydropower

Natural disasters and floods have devastated central Vietnam at a record level. So far, 130 people have been reported dead, and 18 others are missing.

Vietnam to brace for super typhoon Goni

Super typhoon Goni packing winds of more than 200kph is entering the East Sea and is forecast to head toward Vietnam, which has been ravaged by recent storms, in a couple of days.

153 dead and missing, $112.5million lost due to floods

Storms, heavy rains, landslides and tornadoes in October caused 153 deaths and missing persons, and injured 222, reported the General Statistics Office of Vietnam.

Quang Ngai to evacuate over 12,000 people to avoid flooding

Quang Ngai is preparing to evacuate over 12,000 residents to avoid flooding in the downstream of the Tra Khuc, Ve and Tra Cau rivers.

Photos show initial impact of Typhoon Molave on central Vietnam

With Typhoon Molave making landfall in the central region on October 28, many homes have had their roofs blown off, an array of trees have toppled over, and large swathes of crops have been damaged.

Storm Molave makes landfall in central Vietnam

Storm Molave made landfall in central Vietnam at noon on Oct. 28, bringing winds as strong as 115-135km an hour and rainfall of 100-320mm throughout the region.

We are 'trading nature for economic benefits': senior expert

Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Lung, Director of the Institute of Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification, has been working in the forestry industry for nearly 60 years. He is called "the man of the forest". 

Young men save hundreds from floods in Ha Tinh

Now the waters have started to recede in flood-hit Cam Due Commune in central province of Ha Tinh’s Cam Xuyen District, local residents have set up a collective clean-up group.

What cause disasters in central Vietnam?

Many people have died in the central region, thousands of people are living outdoors, and infrastructure has been destroyed by floods and landslides. Why does the central region suffer from disasters every year?

People nationwide dig deep for stricken central region

People nationwide have offered support to residents of the flood-stricken central region in recent days, their hearts touched by the plight of thousands of their compatriots.

Floating shelters house people in Vietnam’s flood-hit areas

Hundreds of floating shelters have been used to shelter many households in flood-hit areas in the central province of Quang Binh.

Parts of Ha Tinh province isolated due to prolonged heavy rain

Torrential rains coupled with the discharge of water from reservoirs have engulfed many areas in the central province of Ha Tinh.