This account is expected to greatly accelerate administrative processes as it has necessary authentic personal legal documents integrated in one place.

From the end of February, citizens can sign up for an e-ID account along with a chip-based ID card. (Photo: SGGP)

Deputy Director of the Center for National Population Database (under the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order) Hoang Van Dung shared that an electronic identification account is a collection of a username and a password or another equivalent authentication form created by MPS’ electronic identification and authentication system. It is managed and authenticated on the e-identification app of MPS (VNEID).

The issuance of e-ID accounts is one of the key missions to implement the Government’s project ‘Developing Apps to Use the National Population Database and Electronic Identification, Authentication System in the National Digital Transformation Process during the Current Period, with a Vision to 2030’.

Being currently used to track F0, F1 cases of the Covid-19 pandemic, VNEID will soon have additional features to provide more convenience for businesses and individuals when performing e-transactions. With an authenticated e-ID account issued by MPS, citizens can use VNEID to proceed with administrative transactions electronically. That means when applying for an administrative procedure on the app, they have applications automatically filled.

Citizens can also share their personal data with a third party in transactions via a QR code provided in VNEID, or through other technical solutions when this third party can provide a suitable system to connect to VNEID.

More importantly, citizens can use this account to replace their physical citizen ID card and other personal documents (driving license, vehicle registration certificate, health insurance card) having been registered to integrate on VNEID. They can even pay utilities bills or transfer money via this account.

Since personal data saved on an e-ID account and a chip-based ID card can be used interchangeably, Deputy Director Dung added that for administrative procedures that needs direct presence, citizens can have their ID card scanned on site, while on the cyber space, they can use their e-ID account for e-transactions. This is obviously both time- and money-saving.

In order for administrative transactions to be carried out online, besides the integration among specialized databases of each ministry and field, it is necessary to complete a corresponding legal frame as soon as possible.

The Deputy Director informed that at present, all ministries and local authorities are finishing essential steps to integrate databases to serve businesses and individuals. Important databases of the Health Ministry, Vietnam Social Security, Vietnam Electricity, and the Government Office have been successfully integrated into the one of MPS, to be followed by those of the Finance Ministry, the Labors-War Invalids-Social Affairs Ministry, and the General Department of Taxation.

Statistics reveal that over 50 million chip-based citizen ID cards have been delivered to their owners. In the upcoming time, MPS will have detailed instruction if these people want to register for an e-ID account.

Source: Sai Gon Giai Phong

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