Vietnamese airlines' aircraft at Noi Bai International Airport. (Photo: VNA)

The CAAV stressed the importance of using a mechanism on vaccine passports for those entering Vietnam, as the quick re-opening of international commercial flights is becoming urgent.

Those who hold vaccine passports confirming they have received COVID-19 vaccinations and tested negative for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 using the Real-time PCR technique will be allowed to enter Vietnam and have their concentrated quarantine period minimised.

Vietnam currently has no legal regulations relating to the implementation of vaccine passports in the country, the CAAV said, emphasising the need to carry out relevant agreements at the Governmental and inter-ministry levels between Vietnam and other countries that will apply to international visitors entering or leaving Vietnam.

A top official from the authority said it is necessary to apply technology in certifying vaccine injections and negative test results to restart international passenger transport early and effectively.

Using e-data would limit the falsification of vaccine passports and negative test results, which has been detected in several countries, the CAAV added.

It also stressed the need for mutual recognition as well as system links between countries.

The CAAV earlier submitted a plan to the Ministry of Transport on the reopening of international flights in three stages.

Only “combo” flights for Vietnamese citizens will resume in the first phase. Vietnamese carriers will work with partners, diplomatic missions, and localities on arranging quarantine areas. A “combo” ticket includes a flight ticket, COVID-19 testing, quarantine, living costs, and a vehicle picking passengers up from the airport and taking them to hotels for quarantine.

The second phase is set to begin from July, with regular flights bringing passengers to Vietnam restarting. Upon arrival, all passengers must stay in quarantine.

Flights will initially be on routes between Vietnam and Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan (China). The number of weekly flights arriving in Vietnam will total 24, with up to 7,000 passengers going into quarantine.

The third phase may begin in September, depending on the COVID-19 vaccination process in Vietnam and an assessment on herd immunity after that. Passengers on flights need not go to quarantine upon arrival, as vaccine passports will be in place.

The CAAV said the plan will be applied to countries and territories that accept the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines Vietnam has authorised for use. 


Airlines await “vaccine passports” for resumption of international flights

Airlines await “vaccine passports” for resumption of international flights

Although “vaccine passports” are yet to become official, airlines are nonetheless preparing for the resumption of international flights based on their introduction.