VietNamNet Bridge - Coc Coc, a Vietnamese browser, has knocked Chrome off his position as the favorite browser in Vietnam, where many people prefer foreign-made products and services to domestic ones.

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Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Google Chrome were once the “three big lords” to most Vietnamese. However, IE has not been used by Vietnamese for the last two years. Firefox has also passed into oblivion. 

Meanwhile, computer users have repeatedly complained that Chrome “eats up” too much of their computers’ CPU.

Coc Coc has emerged as a strong rival to Chrome the giant. Coc Coc is a “rookie” compared with Chrome and other browsers. Iit is just two years old. However, analysts said this is a great advantage of Coc Coc, because its developers can learn from the experience of “veterans” and avoid mistakes the veterans had made.

Coc Coc was developed by three young Vietnamese men who wanted to compete with their “elder brothers” IE and Firefox and challenge Chrome’s Number 1 position.

In May 2013, Coc Coc was ranked as one the three best known browsers in Vietnam. And it is now the strongest rival to Chrome, and and is expected to overtake it in Vietnam.

Coc Coc can satisfy the requirements that Vietnamese expect to see in modern browsers, from accessing Facebook anytime and anywhere, with any mobile network operator, to  downloading clips and videos from websites. 

Coc Coc allows users to download files at a very high speed. It offers many utilities to Vietnamese users, from checking Vietnamese spelling to suggesting the correct spelling with high accuracy of over 90 percent. Most recently, Coc Coc began to provide support to users in solving math and chemistry questions.

Analysts have said that the Coc Coc team has been optimizing the browser to best serve Vietnamese. Its developers say that Coc Coc is a Vietnamese-made browser for Vietnamese..

Just six months after its debut, Coc Coc, which was then named "Cờ Rôm +", had 11 million downloads, over 1 million regular users per day and 3.6 million users per month.

According to StatCounter, at that time, "Cờ Rôm +" accounted for over 1 percent domestic market share.

Meanwhile, comScore reported that the total number of daily users of the Coc Coc browser and search engine is now 4.19 million. Coc Coc ranks second in Vietnam in terms of popularity, just below Google with 5.95 million users.

In related news, Germany's Hubert Burda Media in early 2015 announced that it will invest in Vietnamese web browser and search engine Coc Coc.