VietNamNet Bridge – Cao Si Kiem, a deputy from Thai Binh Province, spoke to the newspaper Nong thon Ngay nay (Countryside Today) about his dreams concerning the new cabinet members.


New cabinet members will be elected this week. What advantages and disadvantages will they face in the new term?

Viet Nam is in the process of deep international integration. This requires the new leaders to have comprehensive knowledge, both nationally and internationally.

There remain issues urgently needing to be addressed in our country, such as the fight against corruption and the reform of our administrative procedures. All these require the new cabinet members to work hard to raise the country to a higher level and catch up with other nations.

In your opinion, what lessons were learned from the outgoing government which will impact the new government?

In my opinion, there are three lessons:

First, the incumbent government focused a lot of effort in achieving many breakthroughs, so as to approach ever closer to a true market economy.

Second, the government has achieved many successes in solving many urgent issues in people’s lives and in society

Third, the government successfully curbed the inflation rate, while keeping solid control of gold prices and the US dollar exchange rate, as well as reducing time in administrative procedures, customs and taxes.

The Vietnamese government has some key weaknesses. These include: equitisation of State owned enterprises, the restructuring of the State economy, the fight against corruption, environmental problems, food safety, and others.

What should the new government focus on, to create new breakthroughs in the next term?

The new government should give priority to three issues:

First, concentrate on ensuring that the country’s deep international integration is successful. To achieve this objective, it is important to adopt workable policies, mechanisms, science, and technology. And it is important to invest in training human resources.

Second, speed up the fight against corruption, while safeguarding environmental hygiene, food safety, and law and order.

Third, commit to having high quality, virtuous government officials and employees, devoted to serve the State and the people. This is a firm foundation for Viet Nam to integrate deeper internationally.

What are your expectations of the new government?

I hope new cabinet members will be competent and devoted to the nation and the people. Good institutions and good contingents of cadres are the foundation for a strong and efficient government. I hope the new government will be able to take our nation to a higher plane.

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