'Lời thú tội' của những siêu lừa đội lốt trai đẹp, giỏi, giàu

Li Rui's admissions made the victim give in to the scam.


The ‘sweet confession’ scam

N.M.Y. (24 years old, living in Tien Giang province) remains distraught following a Tinder fraud causing a massive loss of over 1 billion VND. The scammer named Li Rui recently messaged M.Y.

“I was initially flabbergasted. But now that many others have shared the same story as mine, I can say for certain that this is the new script of these scammers. They even locked and deleted their accounts upon receiving confronting texts from their ‘prey’," M.Y. said.

"Li Rui admitted he aimed at getting my money. From the first interactions with me on Tinder, he told me that he used to work in a company which later went bankrupt and was bought by another corporation. The new owner forced Li Rui to work to pay off the debt before he could leave the company. To get money fast, the romance scam sprang to his mind.” M.Y. added.

'Lời thú tội' của những siêu lừa đội lốt trai đẹp, giỏi, giàu

Mason, another super fraudster admitted to defrauding the victim and benefiting from 5% of the money he made from scamming girls.

Li Rui said that if he didn't get any money on a daily basis, he would starve and be beaten by the company. These guys even put the blame on themselves as a form of punishment to evoke compassion using words like 'I am ashamed to have deceived you', using your money to pay off debt'; 'if you are not deceived by me, you will also be deceived by others who will hurt you more'; 'I need money to pay off my debt and will pay you back later on' … These admissions were compelling to the victims. What these scammers have in common is showing that they did not do this of their own accord but only as forced to, then they apologize."

"Some of them even advised victims against paying money or investing if they encounter similar cases in the future. They then in no time recalled or deleted these messages for fear that they would get into hot water if discovered by the owner…” said Ms. L.N.K.T. (29 years old, living in Hanoi), another victim of the scam.

“I was left mystified a few days ago, not knowing whether to believe him or not, as I had developed a soft spot for him and his words seemed so truthful. I was downhearted and felt awkward. However, it is high time that I become disenchanted and work with other victims to find a way to expose the tricks of these bad guys, " M.Y. said.

Declaring war on scammers

'Lời thú tội' của những siêu lừa đội lốt trai đẹp, giỏi, giàu

These are some of the conspicuous Tinder accounts identified by many women.


Many others are also victims of these romance scams. They have gathered and formed a secret group to collect documents and evidence with the aim of uncovering the swindlers.

Currently, many women are talked into tying up their money?? to certain exchanges, front page? or different investment sites whose clever tricks are many, according to M.Y.

“While some fraudsters might fail in their mission in the very first moves, many others can simultaneously trick 3-4 victims into investing in an exchange. Specifically, five out of the eight victims on Ausforex-x.com (currently inaccessible) that I know of, were also lured by Li Rui,” M.Y. continued.

T.N.P.N. (27 years old, living in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), the administrator of the Ausforex-x.com victim group, which was formed after the incidents, shared that most of the scams have so far been figured out thanks to the consensus amongst the members.

'Lời thú tội' của những siêu lừa đội lốt trai đẹp, giỏi, giàu

After matching on Tinder, Xavier immediately seduced a girl to go on Zalo for a chat in which he instigated his fraudulent scheme.

For access to super cheaters disguised as handsome men, P.N. consented to create a Tinder account with a profile of a beautiful, young woman who has a job that brings in a handsome salary, which appears captivating to scammers. Only a few minutes in, an account named Hanjie 31 invited PN to download the Binance app for virtual currency trading while boasting about a 4,900 USD profit from his work to seduce. He added that it could be up to 1,000 USD at the moment of the chat and constantly urged the prey to invest with training and guide guarantee.

As shared by P.N, these men only have to converse with them and evaluate the potential of each person, and come up with a flexible scheme.

“They will initially let you win and withdraw the first few times, until the amount they deposit is huge enough around over several thousand USD Withdrawal then is not allowed which occasions a common regret at such a large fund, and the victims will therefore continue to pour money into it according to their instructions. Conversely, if you do not seem moneyed or show little fondness of investment, they will freeze your account the moment you pay," P. N said.

Nguyen Son

Victims of romance scams left desperate

Victims of romance scams left desperate

With nothing obtained and losses incurred, the victims of the dating app scam have been left in the depths of despair.