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Contemporary art exhibition showcases new works by emerging artists

Eight contemporary artists from Vietnam and foreign countries showcase their artworks at an exhibition that opened yesterday at the Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art (VCCA).

A part of the wall mural Khởi Nguồn Của Màu Sắc (The Origin of Colour) by Quynh Lam.

Like previous exhibitions, Tỏa (The Foliage) in 2017, and Tỏa 2 (The Foliage 2) in 2018, this year’s event, entitled Tỏa 3 (The Foliage 3), is to introduce to art lovers the best artworks by emerging and talented artists. Those taking part in Tỏa 3 include Vietnamese artists Quynh Lam, Phan Anh, Nguyen Van Du, Nguyen Dinh Phuong, Nguyen Van Duy and Luong Trinh. The event also features works by Tristan Jalleh from Australi, and the UK-Colombia duo Caleb Stein and Andrea Orejarena.

At the exhibiton, visitors will have the chance to enjoy more than 50 artworks in different mediums, such as painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation.

According to the organiser, the VVCA, the artworks are the results of “a daring experiment on materials and the form of expression of the artists."

While works by Lam use flowers and colours of plants as metaphors for history, time and space, Phuong, for the first time, has created a large installation consisting of a video and a five-metre clay statue, which presents the role of human beings in modern life.

The complicated wooden installation by Phan Anh reflects his effort to find his own self through his family’s legacy.

Audiences will be impressed by Duy’s pop-art pieces, in which the artist has minimised both the colours and painting strokes. The works by Du express his concern about ‘Life’ and ‘Death’. Trinh showcases a series of sculptures using traditional materials.

‘Portrait’ by Luong Trinh.

Independent fine art researcher Do Tuong Linh, who is one of the two curators of the exhibition, said: “Tỏa 3 is a vibrant and diversified encounter of the most active and talented contermporary artists from Hanoi, Hue and HCM City. We expect the exhibition to offer people in Hanoi a memorable experience in aesthetics.”

Commenting on the exhibition, VCCA Art Director Mizuki Endo said he hopes the event will bring young artists the opportunity to present their artworks to the public, helping to promote further aesthetic values.

"New artworks, plus the fresh concept, will draw new guests. All those factors have been co-ordinated together to create the core of Vietnamese contemporary art,” Endo said.

The exhibition will be held until February 23. VCCA is located on Level B1 – R3 Royal City, 72 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan Road, Hanoi.

A talk with four artists Quynh Lam, Phan Anh, Nguyen Van Duy, Nguyen Van Du, together with two curators – VCCA Art Director Mizuki Endo and independent fine art researcher Do Tuong Linh, will take place at the centre from 10am until 12pm on Saturday, December 21.

Two other art talks will be held on January 4 and February 5. Details on these events will be updated on the VCCA website and on fanpage — VNS

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