Vuong Ngoc Thao Vy (left) and Huynh Thi Thanh Hang (right) were arrested by the police. — Photo

Two women were arrested by police in Da Lat City in Lam Dong Province on Monday for beating a two-year-old toddler.

Vuong Ngoc Thao Vy, 24 and Huynh Thi Thanh Hang, 26, were temporary babysitters for the child after being outsourced the work by another babysitter, Cao Thi Dao, a preschool teacher at S.M. Kindergarten in District 9 of Da Lat.

Dao had been hired by the child’s mother, C.T.T., who had been away on business since February 26.

From June 24, Dao’s house was undergoing repair, so she gave the child to Vy and Hang for nursing.

According to the testimonies, the toddler did not communicate with others and avoided people, so Vy and Hang hit her multiple times.

On July 7, Vy kicked the child when she was in the bathroom, causing her to fall and hurt herself. A few days later, the toddler fell to the floor again and hit her face.

On July 16, the child vomited after lunch while her lips were pale and her body cold. Hang applied CPR three times before calling emergency number 115 when the child was taken to Lam Dong Pediatric Hospital.

Doctors said the child was suffering a traumatic brain injury, combined with a pulmonary contusion, and was immediately transferred to Lam Dong General Hospital for an emergency operation.

During the operation, the doctors discovered bruises on the child's head and multiple signs of abusive behaviour, so contacted the police to investigate.

Source: Vietnam News