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Vietnam’s food materials have been used to make excellent products of famous brands that are consumed all over the world.

Firms aim for higher profits by selling processed coffee

Vietnamese coffee companies are trying to export processed products instead of raw materials, while in the domestic market, they are attempting to change consumer habits with the message ‘clean coffee’.

Da Lat coffee appears on US magazine

 VietNamNet Bridge – Photographer David Hagerman has introduced Da Lat City, especially its coffee on The New York Times. The US magazine has chosen the city as one of top 52 places to go in 2016.

Specialty food could be gold mine for foreign investors

VietNamNet Bridge - Many foreign-invested enterprises have successfully developed products made of pure Vietnamese materials.

Starbucks sells Dalat coffee at local shops

 Starbucks Reserve coffee grown in Cau Dat District, Dalat City has been made available for guests to order at Starbucks stores in Vietnam.

Starbucks stores to launch Da Lat coffee

 Starbucks Vietnam on December 29 introduced Starbucks Reserve® Vietnam Da Lat, its first single-origin coffee from the country, which will go on sale at its Vietnamese stores from January 4, 2016. 

Dalat farmers abandon arabica coffee due to low profits

Starbucks has recognized Da Lat’s Arabica as one of the seven best coffee products in the world and sells it at its 21,000 shops around the world. However, the Arabica growing area in Da Lat has narrowed in recent years.

Hidden identity: Vietnamese coffee re-exported under other names

VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly 95 percent of Vietnam’s coffee is exported as raw products that do not bear a Vietnamese brand.

Da Lat’s cultivation area for arabica coffee shrinks

Da Lat’s arabica coffee is well-known for its quality, as recognised by Starbucks, which recently began selling it at its stores. But the size of the arabica-coffee growing area in Da Lat is shrinking. 

Da Lat coffee producers dream of worldwide fame

VietNamNet Bridge - Lam Dong Province, home of the world-famous Da Lat Arabica coffee, which is now sold at Starbucks stores, wants to be one of the finest coffee producing areas in the world.