dak lak terrorist attack culprits to stand trial on january 16 picture 1
Competent agencies have arrested one of the terrorists behind the attacks. (Photo: cand.com.vn)

Among the defendants, 55 subjects were prosecuted for terror charges aimed at overthrowing the people’s administration, 39 for terror charges, 1 for organizing illegal exit or entry for others, and 1 for concealing crime.

Six defendants who are living abroad will be tried in absentia for the crime of terrorism.

According to investigations, the armed culprits raided the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Ea Ktur and Ea Tieu communes in Cu Kuin district, Dak Lak province, on June 10, 2023 evening, killing four local police officers and injuring two others.

On the way back, they continued to destroy people’s property, took 3 local people as hostages, blocked a car and killed two commune officials and three other people.

This is a particularly serious case that was aided and abetted by several elements living in exile aimed at overthrowing the government and establishing the so-called Dega State.

During investigations, the culprits all sincerely confessed their crimes, admitting that due to a lack of knowledge or being threatened, they participated in criminal activities and now asked the State for leniency.

Source: VOV