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Attracting multi-billion dollars worth of investments to IZs, tycoon earns big money

The real estate firm of Dang Thanh Tam has attracted $1.2 billion worth of investments into its IZs within a short time, projecting a profit increase of 6-7 times in 2021 amid continued foreign capital inflow.

Emerging after one decade of hiding, tycoon gets a shock

The enterprise of Dang Thanh Tam, who was once the richest businessman in Vietnam, has reported bad news as it did nearly a decade ago.

The youngest female dollar multi-millionaires on the stock market

VietNamNet Bridge - Most of them were born into rich families, inheriting huge fortunes from their parents. Many of them hold important positions in businesses, though they are still very young.

Vietnam's big businesses dogged by huge debts

VietNamNet Bridge - Once the richest millionaire on the stock market, making big money in many business affairs and earning nearly $1 million a day sometimes, Dang Thanh Tam is now pursued by bad luck.

Industrial zones’ brilliant days return

Industrial zone (IZ) development is expected to be one of the three most profitable real estate segments this year.

Heavily indebted businesses given a kiss of life

 VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of enterprises, which were over head and ears in debts, have unexpectedly announced they have escaped from the debt burden worth trillions of dong.