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Face masks in demand amongst Hanoians to prevent spread of nCoV

At Dong Xuan Knitting stores throughout Hanoi, crowds of people have been seen queueing up in recent days as they try to purchase face masks to combat the novel coronavirus (nCoV) epidemic.

Vietnam’s mushroom market very promising as family incomes climb

VietNamNet Bridge - High-quality, made-in-Vietnam products are also becoming better known to consumers.

Iphone X demand will be substantial, but not exceptional: survey

 Days before Apple Inc’s much-awaited iPhone X opens for preorders, a survey by brokerage Bernstein showed that demand for the device will be substantial, but not exceptional, 

Gov’t urges developers to balance supply, demand

 Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung asked the construction industry to tighten property development management to prevent an imbalance in supply and demand that could trigger a market bubble.

Vietnamese shipping firms vow to monopolize domestic market

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Maritime Bureau (Vinamarine) has proposed to continue policies to protect its fleet in the the domestic transportation market.

Oversupply predicted for Vietnamese beer market

VietNamNet Bridge – Though the consumption level has been increasing rapidly, having reached 3 billion liters per annum, Vietnam still has 10 percent of output in excess.

Government’s rice purchase for storage doesn’t benefit anyone

VietNamNet Bridge – The government has to spend big money to collect rice from farmers for storage to ensure the reasonably high profits for farmers. However, involved parties all have said the solution has not benefited them.

Vietnam calls for investments in airports

VietNamNet Bridge – It’s still very difficult to develop the infrastructure system for the aviation industry, because Vietnam still cannot attract non-state investment sources.

Selling cars in lots – the good solution in economic recession

The first rays of hope have been flashed on the automobile market, but the demand remains weak in the economic downturn. Therefore, selling cars in lots remains the top choice for automobile manufacturers.

The big guy behind Air Mekong, who is he?

Indochina Airlines and Air Mekong have been called the “courageous heroes,” because they are the first private airlines that fly in the sky.

Magical meteorite market bustling

The ad pieces about the sale of meteorites have appeared on some Russian websites. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, these “stones from the sky” have been traded for the last tens of years.

Foreign retailers expand business, dominating retail market

While foreign retailers have been unceasingly expanding their business by setting up more retail stores, domestic have to scale down their business because of the big losses

Vietnamese cosmetics brands, one after another, “choked to death”

A lot of purely Vietnamese cosmetics brands have quietly disappeared from the market because they could not survive the stiff competition with the foreign giants, who could pour multi-billions of dong into ad campaigns.

Vietnamese practice thrift in celebrating Tet

The majority of Vietnamese people spend less money on the Tet of Snake than the previous years.

Banks focus on collecting debts, restrict disbursement

Unlike 2012, commercial banks now can easily mobilize capital from the public. However, the capital flow has got stuck, because banks cannot push up lending.

Luxurious food and drink still in high demand

VietNamNet Bridge – The luxurious food and drink market has become boisterous. In fact, it has never been hurt by the economic crisis.

500 million liters of beer for lunar New Year 2013

The economic recession, high inflation rate, high unemployment rate, low Tet bonus have in no way affected the Vietnamese habit of drinking beer.

In sale season, commercial hubs keep quiet, shops poorly patronized

No one could imagine before that commercial streets in HCM City close the doors prior to 8 pm, because the sellers do not hope to have more buyers after that time.

Groupon websites may be asked to pay deposits and take insurance policies

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) is considering laying down a new policy, forcing groupon websites to pay a deposit and take insurance policies in order to protect consumers’ rights.

Less super-cars to enter Vietnam in the Year of Snake

Analysts believe that not many super-cars would be imported to Vietnam in 2013, because a lot of barriers have been installed which would block the way of the cars to Vietnam.