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Update news deposit interest rates

By March 17 noon, most of the commercial banks in Vietnam had lowered their interest rates on savings accounts with terms of less than 6 months after the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced its policy rate cut a day earlier.

Corporate bonds give bank deposits a run for their money

A question being asked by many experts now is why banks are joining a race to increase deposit interest rates though there is no ostensible liquidity shortage.

Government bonds lose their sheen

VietNamNet Bridge – Though the interest rates on government bonds with maturity terms of one to 15 years have increased in recent times, there seems to be little appetite for them among investors.

Banks report good news: they make lower profits

Commercial banks have reported unsatisfactory business results for 2012 with profits down dramatically. However, the unsatisfactory business performance of the banking system turns out to be the “good news.”

Banks focus on collecting debts, restrict disbursement

Unlike 2012, commercial banks now can easily mobilize capital from the public. However, the capital flow has got stuck, because banks cannot push up lending.

Deposit interest rates likely to decline further

 VietNamNet Bridge – Deposit interest rates offered by commercial banks are expected to fall by 1 per cent, according to senior economists.