VietNamNet Bridge – Those who work for big banks like Military Bank or Vietinbank, can get toweringly high pay, but they have to work very hard. Meanwhile, those, who work for smaller banks, still can earn VND8 million a month at least, despite the low productivity.


Most of the commercial banks have released their Q3 finance report, showing the decreases in profits and workers’ salaries.

However, the wage of bank officers remain sky high if compared with other business fields, estimated at VND8-20 million on average.

Analysts have found out that the workers at small banks are more leisured than the workers of big banks. In general, the labor productivity of the workers at big banks can be twice as much as their income. Meanwhile, at some small banks, every worker cannot generate VND1 million worth of post tax profit a month, but still can receive the income which is 8 times higher.

The workers of the Military Bank and VietinBank are believed to have the highest labor productivity. Every VietinBank’s worker can earn VND30 million worth of post tax profit to the bank, while every Military Bank’s generates VND33.3 million worth of profit.

Therefore, the salaries and bonuses to the workers offered by the two banks are also higher than that by other banks. For the Military Bank, the average income is VND18.8 million a month, the highest in the banking sector, though it is lower than that of the same period of the last year.

At VietinBank, the average income is VND17.7 million a month, or VND2 million higher than the same period of the last year. The expenses on wages and allowances, social works have increased, while the number of workers has decreased by 450 after one year.

The other “big guys” also spend big money on the wage fund. A worker at Sacombank receives VND16.9 million a month, while a worker at Vietcombank VND16.5 million, or VND2 million and VND300,000 higher than the last year’s same period, respectively.

In return for the high wages, the workers of the banks have to work hard. Every VietinBank’s worker brings VND24 million, and every Sacombank’s worker brings VND17.5 million worth of post tax profit.

Working for other big banks such as ACB, Eximbank and SHB, every worker can earn VND13 million, VND10.7 million and VND10.7 million a month, respectively.

Meanwhile, their productivity is VND13.3 million, VND17.2 million and VND17.5 million.

The noteworthy thing is that while the 9-month profit of ACB was 4.56 percent higher than the same period of the last year, Eximbank’s profit was just equal to 48 percent.

Techcombank’s workers prove to be the happiest employees. Though the bank’s profit is lower, its workers have better salaries. Though the productivity of the bank is VND11.7 million a month only, the workers’ income has increased sharply from VND11.95 million to VND15.45 million.

Navibank workers’ average income has been halved from VND17.71 million to VND8.9 million, the income is still high if compared with the labor productivity of VND700,000 a month.

Navibank is one of the banks that reported very high ratio of the bad debts, approximately 9 percent by September 30, 2013.

US$1 = VND21,000

Tien Phong