Dien Bien province

Update news Dien Bien province

As we progress into the middle of May, the entirety of the Muong Thanh paddy fields in the north-western province of Dien Bien has been transformed by swathes of bright yellow, serving to bring a range of romantic scenery to the region.

Muong Phang relic site in Dien Bien at a glance

Muong Phang relic site in Muong Phang commune in the northern city of Dien Bien was the command post for the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, where General Vo Nguyen Giap commanded a victory that “resounded throughout five continents”.

14 imprisoned for subversive acts against people’s administration

Two men and their 12 accomplices on March 18 got prison terms ranging from two years to life for their roles in a case of acting for the subversion of the people’s administration and covering criminals in Dien Bien province.

Two Laotian men caught with 100,000 pills of synthetic drugs

Border guards operating in Dien Bien province have co-operated with their counterparts in Laos to successfully arrest two Laotian traffickers as they were in the process of transporting a large quantity of drugs into Vietnam.

Dien Bien reports 8th earthquake in 2019

An earthquake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale hit the northwestern province of Dien Bien on September 5, which is the 8th to happen in the province this year.

Muong Tinh cave in Dien Bien province

National revolutionary historical monument of Muong Tinh cave in Dien Bien province is an invaluable asset, contributing to Dien Bien Phu victory that ends French colonial rule in Vietnam.