DigiEx Group is a Vietnam-based innovative technology company in Digital Product Development, Offshore Development and Cloud Solutions, and Shinhan DS Vietnam is an ICT and Digital Innovation company member of Shinhan Financial Group.

Representatives of DigiEx Group and Shinhan DS Vietnam sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

Under the partnership, the two firms commit to provide each other with support and priority in all aspects of the cooperation process towards effective off-shore business execution and improvement, and leverage technology ecosystems, especially for mutual resource cooperation, finding and developing new businesses, and related opportunities. 

Mr. Ji Dong-Jae, General Director of Shinhan DS Vietnam, said: “Shinhan DS established its subsidiary in Vietnam in 2018. Shinhan DS Vietnam currently provides IT solutions to Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Securities and is expanding its business to Southeast Asia. Our goal in the short-term is to stabilize the local ICT and lay foundations for globalization, to become a global ICT innovator. Our partnership with DigiEx in Vietnam will help us expand the development center locally, and expand new innovation technology, and local digital talent resources. Together we will drive technology to accelerate customer needs and better results for Shinhan DS as a Global Development Center."

At the MoU signing ceremony between DigiEx Group and Shinhan DS Vietnam.

Mr. Johnny Le, founder & CEO of DigiEx Group, said: “One of our missions at DigiEx Group is to build a TechHub and Digital Talents Ecosystems in Vietnam that specializes in Fintech, Cloud services, AI & Cybersecurity to serve local and foreign clients. Partnership with Shinhan DS Vietnam will enable us to collaborate and develop projects with financial institutions within Shinhan Group and its clients to keep expanding our business in Fintech & Digital Banking solutions, and to build and develop Fintech talent resources in Vietnam.”

“With the great combination of young talented engineers, new technology and global experience from DigiEx's ecosystem and financial technology experience from Shinhan DS, this is a great opportunity for both of us to build a strong Fintech resources & solutions foundation in Vietnam and expand globally together,” he said.

DigiEx Group

This is a Vietnamese innovative technology company, led by international leadership team & advisory board of over 20 years of experience in ICT and Digital Finance. The company provides quality digital product development, digital talents, offshore development, cloud solutions & digital transformation services that empower global clients to accelerate growth in the digital world. 

DigiEx Group aims to create innovative digital solutions to be a leading digital company in Vietnam and to accelerate digital transformation in Vietnam and the world.

For more information, visit: https://digiex.asia/

Shinhan DS Vietnam

Since establishment in 1991 as a specialized financial IT company, Shinhan DS has been reinforcing generation of IT synergies within Shinhan Financial Group and offering the best-of-its kind financial IT services to its customers.

Shinhan DS is engaged in system integration, system management, business process outsourcing and IT consulting services and possesses a track record of successfully building diverse finance-related systems and implementing projects and has thus gained competitiveness toward clients outside the Group. It is also working to generate greater IT synergies within the Group and increase IT service efficiency for customers.

Shinhan DS established its subsidiary in Vietnam on 18th September, 2018, which provides IT solutions and services to Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Securities and is expanding business to Southeast Asia. The goal is to become the Global ICT Innovator (Southeast Asian ICT Platform Hub).

For more information, visit: https://shinhands.com.vn/en/