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Digital transformation helps promote OCOP products

Implementing the National Target Program called “One Commune Once Product” (OCOP), Kon Tum province has achieved positive results. For example, the number of registered products, products evaluated, classified and recognized for quality is on the rise. So far, the province has had 189 products recognized with a rating of 3 stars or more (including one product with 5 stars). More and more subjects have participated in the program and have boldly invested in production to improve product quality.

In order to introduce and promote the consumption of its typical products in the domestic and foreign markets, Kon Tum province has sped up digital transformation in investment promotion and commerce, building e-commerce floors to creat new channels for local people and businesses to sell their products.

Based on the province's guidelines and policies to support businesses and people in building brands for agricultural product on digital platforms, Sau Nhung Agriculture, Production and Trade Cooperative in Dak Ha district has effectively used digital platforms to promote images and sell products.

Currently, the cooperative is providing to the market many product lines such as powdered coffee, instant coffee, and coffee beans. Its products are widely introduced and offered for sale on e-commerce platforms such as tiki, shopee, sendo, lazada, postmart, voso, fanpage, kiotviet..., creating favorable conditions for consumers to buy its products.

Understanding the benefits of e-commerce early, many subjects participating in the OCOP Program in Kon Tum province with products achieving 3 stars or higher have been promoting sales through e-commerce trading floors and private website.

According to Mr. Doan Quoc Anh Khoi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kon Tum Cordyceps Mushroom Cultivation Cooperative, the cooperative currently has 6 products posted on e-commerce platforms, which enable it to have access to more customers. As a result, its sales has increased by 200 - 300%.

In addition to connecting with other OCOP product owners to promotel sales on Shopee e-commerce platform, the booth "Ngoc Linh Kon Tum OCOP Specialties" of the Green Highlands Production, Trade and Service Company Limited has had over 11,500 followers after one year. According to Director Trinh Tuan Kiet, the company currently has 2 3-star OCOP products, 1 product achieved the title of Vietnam Agricultural Gold Brand. Since joining Shopee, the number of orders has reached an average of 70 - 100 orders/month, and sales have improved significantly.

Expanding the multi-channel e-commerce marketing model

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Introducing agricultural products on e-commerce platforms has helped cooperatives and people conveniently reach more customers and promote their brands.

To help businesses promote sales through e-commerce platforms, the Department of Information and Communications of Kon Tum has coordinated with the local Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to support the introduction of 1,000 products of farmers and 658 products of 428 businesses (including 157 OCOP products with 3 stars or higher) on voso.vn, postmart.vn, kontumtrade.gov.vn.... In particular, Kon Tum Post Office coordinated with the Provincial Farmers' Association to collect information and bring thousands of products to e-commerce platforms.

Kon Tum sets a goal that by 2025, 80% of businesses' e-commerce websites will have online ordering functions, 40-50% of small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives, and individual business households will trade on e-commerce platforms, and 40% of businesses will participate in e-commerce activities on mobile applications.

To promote digital transformation in investment and trade promotion activities, Kon Tum province has assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to coordinate with the Department of Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to build and support organizations and individuals in Kon Tum province to participate in the digital trade promotion ecosystem, information technology application activities and digital transformation in trade promotion activities.

Businesses in Kon Tum province operating on the provincial e-commerce floor system enjoy 100% of free costs of participating in activities on the floor. At present, 479 product services in Kon Tum province with more than 278 organizations and individuals operating on the system to provide, introduce and promote typical products and provincial-level OCOP products at https://kontumtrade. gov.vn.

The province also helps local businesses to apply e-commerce by building and handing over to businesses 7 Fanpages for online sales; Building and transfering to businesses 7 booths on Shopee and Lazada platforms.

From the beginning of 2022, the Department of Information and Communications and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Kon Tum province have supported approximately 1,000 products from nearly 70,000 agricultural households; 658 products of 428 businesses on e-commerce platforms such as http://voso.vn, https://postmart.vn, https://kontumtrade.gov.vn.... Among them, there are 164 provincial-level OCOP products.

In order to help customers learn about Kon Tum’s products, the province has implemented a traceability plan with support for 5 products to trace their origin using QR codes; adding 20 provincial-level OCOP products to create online QR codes on the system https://etrace.kontum.vn.

To promote digital transformation in trade promotion activities, in the coming time, Kon Tum province will continue to strengthen support for businesses to participate in information technology applications, e-commerce, and information technology application; Synchronously invest in infrastructure and information technology systems to serve digital transformation; Propagate and disseminate legal documents related to the application of information technology and digital transformation in investment and trade promotion activities for local people and businesses.

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