Các nước khác có dùng Bluezone để chống Covid-19 không?

Various technologies are being developed to track suspected Covid-19 infections.

There are three common technologies used in the world to track suspected Covid-19 infected people, namely GPS satellite positioning, positioning by based-transmitted stations, (BTS) and detection of close contact via Bluetooth.

According to incomplete statistics from the Department of Information Technology of the Ministry of Information and Communications, about 40 countries have applied technology solutions to detect close contact, thereby limiting the spread of the disease.

Depending on the characteristics of each country, local governments have their own options. However, determining close contacts via Bluetooth is now considered the most optimal way to find a suspected Covid-19 case.

Compared to other technologies, the use of Bluetooth for close contact determination is more accurate. This technology also helps users ensure privacy because they do not have to provide location information, and data does not need to be stored on the server.


Các nước khác có dùng Bluezone để chống Covid-19 không?

The Singapore government is calling people to use the TraceTogether to fight the spread of the epidemic. TraceTogether's features and principles are similar to Vietnam's Bluezone app.

This is also the reason that the Bluetooth-based Bluezone application is chosen by the Ministry of Information and Communications to cope with the spread of Covid-19 epidemic.

Many countries around the world also have "Bluezone" app

In fact, although the name Bluezone is not used, European countries and America have researched and applied Bluetooth technology in disease prevention. Two major technology firms, Apple and Google, are working together to develop an application with similar features.


Các nước khác có dùng Bluezone để chống Covid-19 không?

Downloading and using Bluezone is the simplest way to protect yourself and your family from the spread of Covid-19. Photo: Trong Dat


Singapore and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) are the most active in using Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE) to control people's exposure. When using contact identification apps, people must declare their phone number and be authenticated by a medical authority.

Unlike Bluezone, due to platform limitations, Android users in these countries will not have exposure metrics for iOS users and vice versa. Therefore, Vietnam’s Bluezone app is highly appreciated.

For Bluezone, install on a smartphone and turn on Bluetooth and all contacts are recorded. Bluezone does not require personal information. This application only saves data on the user's device, does not save it on the server, and does not collect the location data.

Bluezone only records that two people met at a time and for how long, but not the location. Bluezone users will also be anonymous thanks to the use of the ID code generated from the system.

Bluezone users will be alerted early in case of exposure to an infected or suspected Covid-19 case. However, Bluezone applications can only be effective with the participation of the whole community.

It is estimated that Vietnam needs up to 50 million people to install Bluezone app to ensure the highest efficiency of tracing of suspected Covid-19 cases. The latest statistics show that in Vietnam there have been over 20 million Bluezone downloads.

Trong Dat

Bluezone Covid-19 tracking app downloaded 20 million times

Bluezone Covid-19 tracking app downloaded 20 million times

Bluezone, a Bluetooth-based app that helps determine if a person has come in contact with a COVID-19 patient, has tracked 1,391 cases of people having close contact with an infected or suspected Covid-19 infection.

Bluezone helps saves resources to fight against Covid-19

Bluezone helps saves resources to fight against Covid-19

If this app is deployed on a large scale enough, Bluezone will help save huge social resources and cost to fight Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam, as well as help the economy resume operation under the new normal state.