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A stele introduces Do Quyen waterfall at the entrance. 



Do Quyen waterfall is 300 meters above sea level. A 12-kilometer paved road from the foot of Mount Bach Ma leads to a trail along the Yen river.

A 50 minute-hike takes visitors past Ngu Ho waterfall – another masterpiece of Bach Ma National Park – to the top of Do Quyen waterfall. The winding rugged trail challenges trekkers with steep slopes and brook crossings.

Nguyen Vinh Hoang of Thua Thien-Hue province has come to Do Quyen waterfall for the first time.

 “It is for nature-lovers with great endurance. I trekked along the brook side trail through the forest to get to Do Quyen waterfall. On the way, I lost myself to the pure chill air, the bird songs, and the secluded scenery leading to the top of the waterfall," Hoang said.

Plants typical of Bach Ma National Park can be found along the way, principally pine trees and ferns. Visitors wade through water flowing over giant blocks of slippery stone to stand at the top of the waterfall.


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A trail leads to Do Quyen waterfall. 


Nguyen Thanh Long of Thua Thien-Hue province told VOV “This is the first time I’ve been to Do Quyen waterfall. Its appearance varies depending on the weather. When I first came here, a thick cloud cover prevented me from seeing the foot of the waterfall, but, instead, the clouds themselves looked like a beautiful river. When the sun broke through the clouds, I could see the white waterfall against a green background. This is the highest waterfall in Thua Thien-Hue province. I enjoyed the romantic scenery while trekking through the primeval forest past the many small brooks.”

A stairway of 689 steps leads visitors down the cliff from the top to the foot of the waterfall. Visitors often take short breaks to enjoy the magnificent view and the sound of falling water.

Hoang said “In central Vietnam, Do Quyen is one of the most beautiful sights. When it’s sunny, at the top of the waterfall one can scan a panoramic view from Mount Bach Ma to the distant Tam Giang lagoon. It’s a really great experience.”



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 The top of Do Quyen waterfall



The shady stairway is quite treacherous. Azalea flowers color both sides of the waterfall when they are in bloom in March and April.

It takes visitors about an hour to negotiate the stairway to reach the foot of the waterfall, a noisy but enchanting spot surrounded by grey moldy tree bark, a leafy canopy, and water and mist sparkling under the sunshine.

According to Nguyen Thi Nhu Y from Quang Binh province told VOV “Do Quyen is a superb waterfall. Here at its foot, the sound of falling water is incessant. Exploring Do Quyen waterfall doesn’t require extraordinary fitness because there’s a trail through the forest. It’s quite tiring to hike 5 kilometers on foot but it’s worth it to enjoy the magnificent scenery and fresh air.”

The water falls down a mountain cliff 150 meters in width and surrounded by broad leaf trees and shrubs. The stairway is the only way back to the top of the waterfall. Needless to say, climbing up is harder than climbing down. VOV