A reservoir in Vinh Phuc has reached the dead water level.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the water level of irrigation reservoirs is around 23 percent lower than at the same time during previous years. Among those, 17 reservoirs have experienced dead water levels, including 13 in Lao Cai Province, three in Thai Nguyen and one in Vinh Phuc. Meanwhile, 73 others have neared dead water level, mostly in Cao Bang, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen and Bac Can provinces.

The situation is better for irrigation reservoirs in the northern central region; they are above dead water level.

Meanwhile, the water level of irrigation reservoirs in the southern region is 11 percent higher than the same period of many previous years.

The water shortage has ravaged roughly 10,500-17,500 hectares of crops.

The National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting reported that the El Nino phenomenon would last until 2024. This would bring about the risk of widespread saline water intrusion and drought, particularly in the Central Highlands, Mekong Delta, central and southeastern regions.

Source: Dtinews