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Finding gold in computer, smartphone waste

Scientists say exploiting gold mines is not the only way to obtain gold. The source with the most potential is electronic waste. For every ton of smartphone waste, there are 350 grams of gold.

“Reduce!” installation exhibition opens in Hanoi

 Thousands of recycled and waste products have been put on display as a collection in an installation exhibition that is currently underway in Hanoi.

Vietnam needs policy to encourage recycling of e-waste

VietNamNet Bridge - In Vietnam, electronic waste is collected through unofficial channels by scrap dealers or unregistered units which provide waste to craft villages for recycling.

How can Vietnam turn e-waste into commodities?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has been unable to recycle or treat e-waste because of difficulties in e-waste collection, according to some experts.

Electronic waste still cannot be recycled in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The ‘mountain of electronic waste’ in Vietnam is receiving an additional 100,000 tons of waste each year. 

E-waste needs more recycling effort

The disposal of electronic waste in Viet Nam has been rapidly increasing for several years. However, the current recycling process amounts to preliminary processing and can hardly produce raw materials for re-production, 

E-waste poses risk to Vietnam’s environment

 The exponential growth of the information technology industry in recent years is posing a significant risk to the environment, as the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment waste rapidly expands.

E-waste recall centers to open in 2015

 VietNamNet Bridge – Beginning in early 2015, all residents in Vietnam will be able to bring their discarded electronic products to disposal points set up by manufacturers and importers, according to a newly released government decision.

Vietnam relies on scrap iron dealers in e-waste collection

 VietNamNet Bridge – The amount of e-waste has been increasing rapidly in Vietnam. However, the hazardous waste collection for treatment has been counted on scrap iron dealers, not agencies or enterprises.

E-waste flows to Vietnam via China, turning into iPhone 3GS

 VietNamNet Bridge – Old iPhones and technology waste have been collected in developed countries and then carried to Shenzhen, China, where they are renewed before selling to Vietnam.

Electronic firms to manage e-waste

 VietNamNet Bridge – Within the next two years, all producers of electronic products in Vietnam will be required to take responsibility for the environmentally friendly disposal of their products.