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Vietnam demands China stop geological survey in Vietnamese waters

Vietnam on June 6 voiced its opposition to China’s geological survey vessel Haiyang Dizhi 26’s illegal operations in Vietnamese waters and demanded China stop similar actions.

International workshop on East Sea held in Poland

Over 100 scholars and researchers from Vietnam and some European countries gathered at a workshop held at the University of Warsaw, Poland, on May 24 to introduce their studies on the East Sea.

Gạc Ma Reef’s martyrs live forever

In the past 36 years, Le Thi Lan, 82, has had only two dreams of her son, Nguyen Huu Loc, a navy martyr, since he was killed in the fight against Chinese invaders, while protecting the Gac Ma (Johnson South) Reef .

All activities in East Sea must comply with int’l law: deputy spokesperson

All activities and claims in the East Sea must comply with international law, stated Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Duc Thang at the ministry’s regular press conference in Hanoi on March 28.

Vietnam resolutely refutes illegal claims in East Sea: Spokeswoman

As repeatedly affirmed, Vietnam has full legal basis and historical evidence to assert its sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) in accordance with international law.

Military parade on Spratly archipelago on New Year’s Day

Vietnamese soldiers recently staged a military parade on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago on lunar New Year’s Day, aimed at not only demonstrating power but also solidarity and determination to defend the sacred territory of the Fatherland.

Vietnam has full legal basis to assert sovereignty over Hoang Sa

Vietnam has full legal basis and ample historical evidence to affirm its sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands.

Hoang Sa – sacred part of Vietnam’s territory

Hoang Sa (Paracels) and Truong Sa (Spratlys), like integral pieces of Vietnamese blood and flesh, form part of the country’s territory, which is an immutable truth cherished by the Vietnamese people for generations.

Vietnam calls for further UNCLOS observance

Vietnam calls on countries to continue to fully comply with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

ASEAN Defense Ministers support freedom of navigation, aviation in East Sea

A joint statement adopted by ASEAN Defense Ministers at their 17th meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 15, emphasized the importance of maintaining peace, stability, regional safety and freedom of navigation and aviation in the East Sea.

15th East Sea Conference opens in Ho Chi Minh City

The 15th East Sea International Conference themed “Luminate the Grey, Light Up the Green” opened in Ho Chi Minh City on October 15, with more than 200 delegates attending in person while nearly 250 others participate via teleconferencing.

Vietnam protests use of force against fishing boats

Vietnam opposes any use of force against its fishing vessels operating normally at sea, threatening the life and safety as well as causing damage to the property and interests of fishermen.

Vietnam resolutely opposes Taiwan’s live-fire drills in East Sea

The organisation of live-fire drills in the waters around Ba Binh island belonging to Vietnam's Truong Sa (Spratly) is a serious infringement upon Vietnam's territorial sovereignty over Truong Sa.

East Sea disputes need to be resolved through peaceful means: Spokeswoman

Vietnam's consistent position is that the disputes in the East Sea between the parties involved need to be resolved through peaceful means in accordance with international law.

Blackpink tour organiser apologises over nine-dash line map

"We are aware of the need to respect the sovereignty and culture of all countries where iMe is present. iMe has quickly reviewed and committed to replacing inappropriate images for Vietnamese people," said Brian Chow, CEO of iMe.

Popularising, using products with "nine-dash line" violate Vietnam’s law

The popularisation and use of publications and products with the "nine-dash line" in Vietnam are a violation of the law and are not accepted in the country, Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pham Thu Hang has affirmed.

’Barbie’ movie banned in VN for containing China’s nine dash line map

The movie was expected to hit screens from July 21, but cinema chains across the country have not included it in their upcoming screenings, sparking concerns of its availability.

Vietnam concerned about recent developments in East Sea: Diplomat

Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations, has expressed concern that recent developments in the East Sea could affect peace, security and development.

Vietnam voices concerns about East Sea issues at ARF SOM

Ambassador Vu Ho, acting head of SOM ASEAN Vietnam, voiced concerns about the ongoing complicated developments in cyber security, climate change, and East Sea issues at the ASEAN Regional Forum Senior Officials’ Meeting held on June 14 in Jakarta.

Vietnam maintains close watch on developments in East Sea: official

Vietnam’s law enforcement forces at sea are keeping a close eye on developments related to the illegal operations of the Chinese vessel Xiang Yang Hong 10 in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone, an official has said.