English teaching program

Update news English teaching program

Hanoi students begin practicing for IELTS in very early ages to prepare for the entrance exams to star schools.

National English teaching program fails despite big budget

The fact that 80 percent of students got scores below average in English at the high school finals clearly shows the inefficiency of the program on teaching English at general schools.

Failure in English teaching blamed on teaching method

VietNamNet Bridge - The English teaching curriculum, with a focus on grammar lessons, and the lack of speaking practice, are behind the failure of the national English teaching program, experts say.

General schools rush to apply bilingual textbooks

VietNamNet Bridge - Forty education departments have registered to buy bilingual (Vietnamese & English) textbooks to use at local schools.

MOET’s English teaching program not favored in large cities

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many primary schools in Hanoi operate their own English teaching and learning programs rather than the one from the Ministry of Education and Training.