Exhibition “A Tide of Emotions”


10 am – 09:30 pm, 04 Oct 2023 – 30 Mar 2024
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA)
B1–R3, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City
72A Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

From October 04, 2023, to March 30, 2024, at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA), the large-scale installation exhibition “A Tide of Emotions” will be presented to public view for the first time in Vietnam, featuring artworks by Japanese female artist Chiharu Shiota, a worldwide famous name in conceptual art.

Chiharu Shiota is revered as one of Asia’s foremost female visionaries in the global realm of contemporary art. Through decades of her artistic odyssey, Shiota has ventured across a spectrum of creative realms, from the ephemeral dance of performance art to the silent reverie of painting, the tangible whispers of sculpture to the immersive embrace of installation. Shiota’s works are a convergence of beauty in both form and content, both making a strong visual impression and containing countless layers of deep meaning within.

The exhibition “A Tide of Emotions” includes completely new works made at VCCA. Notably, the main work with the same title covers VCCA’s huge space with a network of red threads, which are the representative material of the artist, linked to the wooden boats which carry history and stories and harbour multitudes of metaphors for a land like Vietnam, where a coastline stretches long as the eye can trace.

Chiharu Shiota (born 1972) is a Japanese contemporary artist, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Shiota is among the most active and successful contemporary artists in the world today whose works have been displayed in many prestigious museums and exhibitions in the region. She was chosen as the artist representing Japan at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), one of the oldest and most reputable international art events in the world held every two years in Venice, Italy.

Exhibition “Plan of Summer”

10 am – 05 pm, 23 Sep – 31 Dec 2023
Artigin Art Space
Main lobby of Lotte Mall Westlake office building
683 Lac Long Quan Street, Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Artigin Art Space is pleased to introduce to art lovers the exhibition Plan of the Summer, with the participation of 6 artists- Do Minh Tam, Tran Hai Minh, Dam Dang Lai, Tran An, Can Van An, Dinh Duy Ton.

The exhibition Plan of the Summer delves into the memories and sounds of summer in each of us, in order to create a silence in our minds, for us to remember, or for us to be silent and cherish the Summer passing by.

Six artists, six individuals carrying their own summers.

Tran Hai Minh dances with the strokes and traces of inner strength and emotions. Sometimes slow and gentle like a light summer breeze, other times rushing and intense like a July downpour.

Do Minh Tam with the interweaving patches of memories and the present. Profound, philosophical, yet also spontaneous and vibrant.

Dam Dang Lai is spontaneous and surreal with colorful shapes, standing, lying, running, jumping, blending into space.

Floating like a cloud, twisting like the wind, lively like mischievous creatures, Tran An, calm yet full of dynamics with thought-provoking “material” blocks. Stretching, molding the surrounding space.

Can Van An, struggling with the collision, invasion between old and new, new and old. With seemingly radiant and shining patches of color, but harboring a sense of unease.

Dinh Duy Ton, emotions and inner thoughts with the changes of youth, cold but also incredibly warm with shapes made of iron and stainless steel that convey feelings.

The Showcase “Untitled Self-Portraits”

Opening: 05 pm, Fri 06 Oct 2023
Exhibition: 06 – 18 Oct 2023
Art tour: 03 pm – 04 pm, Sat 14/10/2023
Toong IPH
3rd Floor, The Loop Shopping Center, 241 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Opening: 05 pm, Fri 20 Oct 2023
Exhibition: 20 – 31 Oct 2023
Art tour: 06 pm – 07 pm, Fri 20 Oct 2023
Toong Hoàng Đạo Thúy
2nd Floor, building 25T2, Hoang Dao Thuy, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Opening hour: 08 am – 08 pm, Mon – Fri & 08 am – 05 pm, Sat – Sun

This October, Toong and GocCreation cordially invite you to a showcase featuring visual artist Nguyen Minh Hoang’s unique Untitled Self-portraits series depicting dramatized fantasies of his everyday life.

Moreover, an exclusive Art Tour will be led by the artist himself, this tour aims to provide a profound insight into the stories behind each artwork, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the narratives conveyed by each piece.

Minh-Hoang Nguyen (b. 1992) takes an approach to photographic storytelling that is both conceptual and documentary. He creates fantasies using self-portraits to connect with the world and its objects, people, ideas, and history. When not making self-portraits, Hoang photographs the absurd drama of everyday life, often on the theme of solitude and intimacy.

Exhibition “Japanese Dolls”


09 am – 04:30 pm, 03 – 08 Oct 2023 (close on 06 Oct)
Room D205, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam
69 Chua Lang, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Officialy recognized as a Program celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Vietnam, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam’s Japanese culture club and The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam are co-hosting the exhibition “Japanese dolls”.

Japanese dolls convey the customs, culture, hopes, beliefs that have been passed down for many centuries. This exhibition features dolls ranging from traditional to contemporary, all made in Japan and are now exhibited in the campus of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

By enjoying and exploring the rich meanings behind each doll, visitors can experience the depth, the creativity of Japanese people and culture.

This exhibition is a part of the event series “50 YEARS OF VIETNAM – JAPAN” organized by Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam’s Japanese culture club. Apart from the dolls, visitors are invited to experience other interesting Japanese culture such as Ikebana, Calligraphy, Singing, Culture booths etc. For more information, please visit ChuraChura – CLB Văn hóa Nhật Bản Học viện Ngoại giao.

Poems of the Sky


10 am – 06 pm, 20 Sep – 02 Dec 2023
Sàn Art, Units B6.16 and B6.17, 6th Floor, Block B Office, Millennium Masteri, Ward 6, District 4, HCMC

Ly Hoàng Ly and Sàn Art heartily invite you to an open studio whose title draws inspiration from a poem of Gibran in “Sand and Foam” to explore the artist’s partially unfinished, partially fulfilled space of imagination.

Originating from the performance “Hugging trees – Hugging your loved ones – Hugging yourself” at the Plum Village, France in 2015, Ly Hoàng Ly carries on exploring the relations among different bodies as artistic material and the dynamic between internal drives and external forces.

As an artist adept in various materials, transformations of the external world, and micro changes in the inner soul, in this open studio, Ly presents her artwork-in-progress as a lingering meditation practice since 2018.

Coming here, the audience is asked to observe, and then interrogate the static and dynamic in performance art, the individuality and collectivity in public art, and the formation, participation, and contribution of factors that seem random and trivial, yet carefully calculated: time, location, body, audience – to position the artist’s presence in her work.

Coming here, the audience is invited for a conceptual dialogue to explore the possibilities of different utilisations of the interior and exterior space of the artworks; the materials and their effects on our sensation.

Thus, the artist and the audience together reflect and challenge, abolish and consolidate, forgetting and searching … to figure out these connections between humans with natural beings, between our inner self with the beauty, ugliness, and in betweenness of the surrounding world.

Assemblage: Me, my story and I

Oct 3-30; 10:30 am – 06:30 pm, Tues, Thurs & Sat, 
Không gian 27A, 27A Nguyen Cu Street, D2, HCM City

“Assemblage: Me, my story and I” is an attempt to explore the many paths the artists take in their works to reflect lifelong desires to find a unified self. The diversity of the artists’ artworks, practices and memories that draw from every day in their unique communities is not about fitting in, it is about trying to acknowledge the multiple worlds one inhabits.

In the group exhibition “Assemblage: Me, my story and I”, ten artists are reclaiming their past and presenting realities of existence as well as creating alternative discourses by finding clues from memories that can be personal, communal, regional or universal. It is the search for stories and narrations, often on the margins, that is a powerful, multi-layered recognition that the self may always remain both hidden and revealed to a retrospective look at the routes one takes in pursuit of one’s own authenticity.

Exhibition “Stratum Zero”


Until Dec. 3; 09 am – 07 pm, Tues – Sun,
The Outpost Art Organisation, Roman Plaza Tower B1 (Floor 2), To Huu Street, Hanoi

Stratum Zero displays a wide range of works by Vietnamese artists in The Outpost Collection. The exhibition attends to the analysis of the aesthetic context and construction of the contemporary Vietnamese spirit and artistic landscape evoked from the works.

That analysis and construction is expressed through the practice of processing and restructuring the material language, through marking the enduring flow of Asian folklore and philosophy, as well as hidden, peripheral historical perspectives.

Cubist Kaleidoscope: Explorations of the Mind’s Canvas

Sep 9 – Oct 14
Vin Gallery, 35/8 Nguyen Van Dau Street, Binh Thanh District, HCM City

Vin Gallery proudly presents “Cubist Kaleidoscope: Explorations of the Mind’s Canvas” by Dylan Gill. In a practice that emerged from the encounter with diverse individuals, Gill opens himself up to the emotional signals that vibrate just below the noise of modern life and attempts to capture their effects on canvas, quickly, while they are still fresh in his psyche.

The result is a body of works that operate in the vein of empathetic impressionism, using color, form, and symbolic imagery to transform interplays of feeling into vivid surrealist portraits. 

Exhibition “In the Forest”

Until Oct 29, 09 am – 08 pm,
Floor B3, 136 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

An exhibition by the twin artists Le Brothers. While it is a conversation between the duo and the external world, unlike their previous works, it looks at the entities existing in the external world as subjects existing alongside the artists, not just a pretext to reflect a mind-body-spirit’s narrative. 

Concurrent Exhibitions: “White Noise” & “Rhyming Gestures”

07 Aug 2023 – Jan 2024
10 am – 04 pm, Wed & Fri
EMASI Nam Long, 147 No 8, Nam Long Residential Area, D7, HCM City
10 am – 04 pm, Tues & Thurs
EMASI Vạn Phúc, 2 Street 5, Van Phuc Residential Area, Thu Duc District, HCM City

Nguyen Art Foundation (NAF) proudly presents ‘White Noise’ (curated by Van Do) and ‘Rhyming Gestures’ (curated by Thái Hà and Nhat Q. Vo) – two concurrent exhibitions with the participation of 19 artists from within and outside of our Collection.

The exhibitions will take place simultaneously across the campuses of EMASI Nam Long (District 7) and EMASI Van Phuc (Thu Duc City) from August 2023 to January 2024.

As a series of re-configurations of existing artworks from within and outside of NAF’s Collection, ‘White Noise’ proposes an interpretation of the Foundation’s 2023 theme Community and Compassion through a post-pandemic and post-human lens with participating artists Dao Tung, Tran Tuan, Nguyen Phuong Linh, Lai Dieu Ha, Nguyen Huy An, Dinh Q. Le, Nguyen Tran Nam, Jeamin Cha, Cam Xanh and Nguyen Trung.