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Investor fined $5,140 for environmental shortcomings in Ha Long Bay

The investor behind the controversial construction of an urban project that allegedly encroached on Ha Long Bay's buffer zone has been slapped with a fine of VND125 million (about US$5,140) for environmental pollution.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park dedicated to preserving rare plant species

Finding and propagating rare native plants in the national park was extremely strenuous, difficult and dangerous, and took years of working in the forest to be successful.

Recycling old batteries a growing movement in environmental protection

Conscious of the adverse effects of batteries on health and the environment, many people have been working to dispose of and recycle these devices correctly and are advocating for others to do the same.

Unilever encourages consumers to take action on environmental protection

In celebration of World Environment Day, Unilever Vietnam has joined the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) to launch a campaign tackling plastic pollution, cleaning the environment, and regenerating nature in Vietnam.

Vietnam strives to eliminate substances harmful to ozone layer

Vietnam has charted a roadmap to gradually eliminate Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from 2024 with the goal of reducing the basic consumption of these harmful substances to the ozone layer from 2024 to 2028.

Ministry plans to increase environmental protection tax on non-biodegradable packaging

Expanding the tax base and increasing environmental protection tax on non-biodegradable packaging materials would be considered with an aim to limit the use of these materials.

Vietnam to improve environmental quality

Although pollution, solid and hazardous waste management has been strictly implemented, and nature and biodiversity conservation has been enhanced, Vietnam's environmental sector still has shortcomings and limitations, according to experts.

Sea encroachment projects in Quang Ninh result in environmental concerns

Having many shallow coastal areas and alluvial flats, the Northern Province of Quang Ninh has had a series of large-scale sea encroachment projects to build urban and tourist areas in recent years.

Aviation ground services to go green to meet compliance

airport enterprises, and those providing specialised aviation services at airports are required to carry out environmental impact assessment and be provided with environmental license or environmental registration.

Producers to be subject to recycling obligations

A workshop was held by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoNRE) in HCM City on August 15 to promote the Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP) Act among manufacturers and importers under the 2020 Law on Environmental Protection.

Man collects litter on seabed to protect marine life

A Nha Trang man, who was upset that waste had been the main factor in the death of many sea animals, has been picking up garbage on the ocean floor for 20 years, and hopes his actions can inspire others.

Inspiring environmentalist works hard to raise public awareness

For the past 20 years, 37-year-old Nguyen Ba Hoi has been working hard to mobilize people to join hands to protect the environment.

Vietnam among 20 countries with largest plastic waste discharge

Vietnam discharges about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste each year. It is one of 20 countries with the largest amount of plastic waste in the world. 

A year of environmental progress

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has made tremendous efforts to fulfil its tasks, contributing to the country’s economic targets for 2021. 

Environmental protection indicator set to be revised

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is working to revise a set of indicators evaluating the outcomes of environmental protection in line with the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 that became effective from January 1.

Environmental management innovation needed to reduce pollution

The environment is suffering great pressure from socio-economic activities with an increase in environmental pollution both in quantity and scale, calling for more effective solutions to handle the issue.

The 'crazy' man and the sea

Every time he goes out to catch seafood, Tran Van Cuong collects cans, plastic bottles and bags to raise money for poor students while contributing to the protection of the marine environment.

Top enviromental events in Vietnam in 2021

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has announced the nine most significant environmental events in 2021

Marine plastic waste an urgent issue in coastal Vietnam

Vietnam needs to carry out practical measures to manage and reduce marine plastic waste to ensure sustainable development of the fishery industry, according to experts at a workshop held in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Bioplastic start-up begins green journey

Having worked in biopolymer research for more than a decade, Doan Van Tung in HCM City began his adventure by founding the iGreen development company in 2020