Women of the San Chi ethnic minority group in Quang Ninh Province participated in an annual football competition at Soong Co Festival, leaving the housework to their husbands.

The annual women's football competition is one of the highlights of the festival. The football field is located on top of a hill, in front of the common house. The competition was first held in 2016 in order to create an event for San Chi women who are otherwise busy with field work and house chores.

The women still wear their traditional clothing but play with trainers. During this time, their husbands take care of the children and even act as personal coaches.

La Ngoc Duong, party secretary of Huc Dong Commune, said, "Our commune has five ethnic groups and the San Chi ethnic group accounts for 70% of our population with 2,800 people."

Despite the light rain and slippery field, the match on April 25 was competitive. When it started raining heavier, the match had to be postponed until the rain stopped.

La Thi Kuu is an 11th grader at Tien Yen Secondary and High School and a football fan. She also participated in the competition and played for the Na Ech Team.

The final round and the awards ceremony will be held on April 30.

Some photos of the competition:







Ethnic women play football at spring festival