This proposal aligns with the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s conclusion in June, which attributed the power undersupply in northern provinces to EVN’s delays in investing in power supply and grid systems, as well as their failure to maintain load balancing.

The CMSE has called for self-criticism from 85 teams and 161 individuals within the 24 units under EVN’s purview. Additionally, they have suggested reprimanding senior EVN leaders, including Duong Quang Thanh, former board chairman of EVN, Tran Dinh Nhan, general director of EVN, and Ngo Son Hai, deputy general director of EVN, as well as the director and vice-director of the National Load Dispatch Center.

In late August, EVN itself criticized numerous individuals and teams for their inability to ensure an adequate power supply in northern Vietnam during the dry season.

The frequent blackouts in the region from late May to mid-June were primarily due to increased electricity demand and a significant reduction in hydroelectric power supply caused by an extended drought.

The World Bank estimated that these outages in May and June resulted in a US$1.4 billion loss to the northern provinces’ economy, equivalent to 0.3% of gross domestic product (GDP). EVN also reported a revenue decrease of US$75 million due to the energy supply shortage during that period.

Source: VIR