The Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) has recently made Decision No.603 to temporarily suspend Mr. Nguyen Duc Ninh from his position as the Director of the National Load Dispatch Center (A0) to support specialized inspections in the management and operation of electricity supply.

Previously, the Prime Minister assigned the Minister of Industry and Trade (MoIT) to establish an inspection team following the law on electricity supply and the management of EVN from January 1, 2021, to June 1, 2023.

Following directives to inspect the electricity supply situation, the Minister of Industry and Trade has issued a decision to form an inspection team within the MoIT, which will be responsible for inspecting the management and power supply by EVN.

Minister of Industry and Trade, Nguyen Hong Dien, has instructed the inspection team to work with impartiality and objectivity, adhering to the provisions of the law and regulations, as well as following the guidance of competent authorities and relevant agencies regarding the situation and the outcomes of EVN's operations.

The specific scope of the inspection team is to clarify the following aspects: the supply and proactive provision of fuel to power plants, the operation of the power system, the mobilization of electricity sources (in terms of technical aspects) and fairness, issues related to electricity transmission, and the implementation of mobilizing transitional renewable energy sources.

The EVN Board of Members has also adopted a resolution to implement the instructions given by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers regarding electricity conservation and measures to ensure electricity supply during the dry season in 2023 and the upcoming years.

The Board of Members has asked the General Director of EVN to make decisions and take responsibility for reporting and providing the requested documents and records to the inspection team in accordance with legal regulations, guidelines, directives from competent authorities, EVN's regulations, and the management and direction process.

Source: SGGP