Former Chairman of the city’s People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung appears in court. -- VNA/VNS Photo

Nguyen Duc Chung was sentenced by Hanoi People's Court over the illegal purchase of the water cleaning agent Redoxy 3C for the capital city.

Nguyen Truong Giang, director of Arktic Trading and Service Co., Ltd, and Vo Tien Hung, general director of Hanoi Sewerage and Drainage Co., Ltd, were sentenced to four years and six months and four years, respectively for the same crime.

Previously, Nguyen Duc Chung is currently serving a five-year sentence for appropriating the State’s secret files related to Nhat Cuong Mobile’s accounting irregularities, smuggling, and money laundering.

Regarding civil liability, the trial panel ordered Chung, Giang and Hung to be jointly responsible for compensating the civil plaintiff, the Hanoi Sewerage Company, at an amount of more than VND36 billion. 

The court noted that the family of Nguyen Duc Chung had paid VND10 billion, while Giang’s family paid VND1 billion to the Hanoi Civil Judgment Enforcement Department towards the compensation.

Property owned by Chung has also been placed under distraint as security for further compensation payments in the future.  

According to the indictment, in 2016, the Hanoi People’s Committee directed relevant units to treat, renovate and tackle water pollution in rivers and lakes in the city by searching for suitable advanced technology. Chung, then Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, chose the polluted water treatment technology of Watch Water Company (Germany), organised a tour to test it, and ordered the product Redoxy- 3C for use.

Chung then instructed defendant Vo Tien Hung to buy Redoxy-3C product through Arktic Company, an intermediary company where Giang acted as the Director, attempting to gain personal profit from the deal.

Arktic is wholly invested by Chung’s wife, Nguyen Thi Truc Chi Hoa, and their son, Nguyen Duc Hanh, according to the business registration certificate. Hoa asked another person to represent her family in the ownership of 40 per cent of this firm’s charter capital, while Giang acted as the owner of the remaining 60 per cent. Hoa repeatedly falsified papers to change contributors to this company’s capital.

The procuracy held that the actions by Chung and the others have caused “serious losses”, totalling more than VND36 billion (nearly $1.6 million), to the State.

Source: Vietnam News

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