Standing at 986 metres above sea level, Ba Den mountain has been dubbed the roof of southern Vietnam.

Seen from a distance, Ba Den mountain sometimes stands out in the blue sky and is sometimes hidden under clouds and fog.

From the base to the top of the mountain, visitors can stop by temples, pagodas and towers, whose architecture is a blend of Buddhist and folklore culture.

Prominent in the site is Linh Son Tien Thach, which worships Linh Son Thanh Mau (Linh Son Holy Mother).

Constructed in the 18th century, the pagoda has undergone many renovations, the latest one being conducted in 1997.

A pagoda at Ba Den mountain in Tay Ninh.

Ba Den mountain has been dubbed the roof of southern Vietnam.

The cable car station at the foot of Ba Den mountain.

Ba Den mountain is home to a huge diversity of flora.

Tourists take a cable car trip at Ba Den Mountain.

Tourists can also choose to climb the 1,500 stairs to reach the peak of the mountain.

Pagodas at Ba Den mountain boast the distinct architectural features of Vietnamese pagodas.

A statue of the Reclining Buddha has been built on the rocks.

A Buddhist novice monk ringing a bell at Linh Son Tien Thach pagoda.

The complex welcomes a large number of Buddhist followers, pilgrims and visitors every year.

The cable car trip offers visitors a panoramic view of the mountains and surrounding areas.

Nhan Dan