and support community development.

Delegates launch the "Vitality of Vietnam" programme at a ceremony on August 8. — Photo Facebook

The programme aimed to respond to the Prime Minister's recent call for enhancing national spirit in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as promoting economic recovery.

The programme includes a series of meaningful activities comprehensively implemented in a number of fields to support businesses, promote tourism, innovation, and support local communities during and after the pandemic.

“Vietnam's politics, economy, and society are characterised by stability. Vietnam has a very favourable geo-economic position with a large population, abundant human resources, and a growing middle-class. Vietnam is also a huge market, and a dynamic economy in one of the most robust regions in the world today. Vietnam is striving to reform and reinvent itself, creating a competitive and enabling environment for investment. This is what we have to offer to our international friends and investors,” said Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung at the launching event.

Under the "Proud Vietnam'' project launched by the Minister of Planning and Investment in 2019 and following the successful cooperation between Facebook and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in the "Immense Vietnam" programme on promoting tourism, the "Vitality of Vietnam" programme will continue Facebook’s efforts to support businesses and local communities to overcome difficulties and recover during and after COVID.

The programme will be broadcast on the Ministry of Planning and Investment page and Vietnam Facebook page, providing business skills through a series of online workshops as well as strategies for businesses to find and develop national human resources through social media. Under the scope of “Proud Vietnam”, till the end of 2020, both parties will implement several programmes targeting different groups, including “Love Vietnam” programme with a series of short films and music videos about autistic children and “White sticks Vietnam” programme in bid of supporting people with visual impairment.

This cooperation is one of Facebook's key initiatives dedicated to Vietnam, among the activities to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United States.

“25 years marked a historic milestone in the diplomatic relation between the two countries, which has been strengthened by our relation in trades, investment and strategic cooperation. We highly appreciate the efforts of businesses like Facebook that have contributed to reaffirming and actualising the long-term commitment of the United States in general and US businesses in particular to Vietnam through the contribution and investment in socio-economic development and long-term prosperity,” said Chief Executive of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Hanoi) Adam Sitkoff.

The event also officially launched the “Each citizen is an ambassador” campaign to encourage people to be an ambassador in fighting COVID and contributing to economic growth and recovery. People are encouraged to film and submit a 2-to-3-minute video about the values that Vietnamese people have achieved in fighting COVID-19 as well as contributing to economic recovery.

“This marks an important milestone in our support to Vietnam’s small and medium business community and the people of Vietnam during this difficult time. In particular, we intend to collaborate on: bringing training and other assistance to Small and Medium Businesses, promoting innovation, and supporting local communities in Vietnam in line with the MPI’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery plans,” said Simon Milner, Vice President of Public Policy Asia-Pacific, Facebook.

"Vitality of Vietnam" programme will be premiered at 7pm on August 10 on Facebook Vietnam, the Ministry of Planning and Investment page and Yeah1TV Page.

The official cooperation between Facebook and the Ministry of Planning and Investment realises the goals of the pillar "Facebook for Economy - #fb4Economy" and "Facebook for Community - #fb4Community" under "Facebook for Vietnam" Campaign or #FB4VN - one of Facebook's key initiatives in Vietnam in 2020. These two pillars focus on Facebook’s contribution to business communities, especially SMBs, and promote tourism and education post-COVID in Vietnam, as well as highlighting Facebook’s efforts to bring people closer together and use technology for good causes.  VNS

Facebook, MPI join hands in tourism promotion

Facebook, MPI join hands in tourism promotion

The Ministry of Planning and Investment and Facebook have jointly launched the "Proud Vietnam" project, including the "Immense Vietnam" music video, which aims to promote the country’s tourism.

Facebook launches “We Think Digital" programme for Vietnamese youths

Facebook launches “We Think Digital" programme for Vietnamese youths

Facebook in collaboration with some Vietnamese oganizations officially launched the We Think Digital programme in Vietnam on July 22.