According to the Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) report on Resolution 62/2022, the electronic information portal for overseas service providers (, the applied electronic tax app on mobile devices (e-Tax Mobile) has had 140,615 downloads, installs and use, and 69,465 transactions via commercial banks with total value of VND308 billion.

Thirty large foreign suppliers, including Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Samsung, TikTok and eBay have registered, declared tax on the e-information portal and paid tax, totaling $22.2 million.

The Ministry also approved a plan for an e-commerce information portal to receive data from e-commerce trading floors. It is also developing data components and a method to connect e-commerce platforms and the General Department of Taxation’s (GDT) system.

It is expected that the ministry will complete this task in November, which will be applied on a trial basis to three platforms before becoming official in January 2023.

According to MOF’s report, contractor tax revenues from e-commerce activities collected via institutions in Vietnam has reached VND5.588 trillion so far. 

The revenue has been increasing year after year. The average rate in 2018-2021 was 130 percent and was especially high in 2021, with VND1.591 trillion, up 39 percent over 2020.

Some foreign service providers have high tax payments, making big contributions to the state budget. Facebook, for example, has paid VND2.099 trillion, Google VND2.114 trillion, and Microsoft VND714 billion.

Regarding the management over the tax collection from individuals and institutions in Vietnam which have income from e-commerce activities and digital service providing, VND1.082 trillion had been collected as of August 2022 from the activities of handling violations and combating loss of revenue.

The revenue has been increasing year after year and it was especially high in 2021 (VND261 billion). In the first eight months of 2022, the revenue was VND520.7 billion, twice as much as the revenue in 2021.

Duy Vu