While YouTube previously was known for ads about counterfeit oriental medicine, Facebook is a "paradise" for short ad videos (reels) about aphrodisiacs such as “sinxxx”, “nuoc hoa kich duc”, or “bo hoangxxx”, VietNamNet has reported.

A series of short videos used with adult films, showing dancing girls with revealing attire, and clips played by real people, accompanied by ad texts and pictures of aphrodisiac medicine, are publicized on Facebook. The videos attract hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

Many groups, fanpages and videos continue to advertise gambling games and the number of such ads has not decreased. The groups, fanpages and videos even clearly show their names and the key words ‘game bai doi thuong’ (gambling games) to attract users.

In addition to gambling games, the groups advertise football betting with hundreds of thousands of members. In the groups, there are many videos advertising and inviting users to international betting websites.

Recently, on Facebook Messenger, a new type of ad has appeared with images of girls. When users click the mouse on the girls, a public prostitution service will be available.

Facebook Messenger clearly says that this is a form of advertisement, and it appears in the application interface when users seek friends to chat.

Struggling with violations on cross-border social network platforms, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has forced these platforms to respect Vietnamese laws and remove toxic content which may have negative impact on society.

A report released by the ministry recently showed that from July 1 to July 24, 2023, Facebook blocked and removed 224 posts that contained "wrong" information against the Party, the State, brands, individuals and institutions.

However, the volume of content removed by Facebook is a "drop of water in the ocean".

Le Khanh, who provides online services on cross-border social networks said that with the current management method, it would be difficult to eliminate "dirty content"on Facebook and YouTube.

As Facebook relies on AI to approve content and ads, MMOs, (or those who make money online) can easily cheat AI with tricks. 

For example, if MMOs use the key word ‘dieu dao’, it will not violate regulations. Only when the words ‘ban dam’ (prostitution) or ‘gai goi’ (call girl) are used will they be punished. 

Le My