Within the framework of the Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s working visit to the US, representatives of Meta’s Public Policy division had a meeting with the Prime Minister and Vietnamese delegates to discuss issues related to digital economy development.

At the meeting, Meta and NIC, belonging to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) signed an MOU on enhancing small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) capability and encouraging innovation.

Under the MOU, despite the impact of Covid-19, Meta will still be a dedicated and active partner of Vietnam, especially in the development of the national digital economy.

The signed document aims at heightening the capability of SMEs, especially ones in the Mekong Delta and those belonging to disadvantaged groups.

The two sides committed to encourage innovation and breakthrough business ideas in Vietnam. Many initiatives with these  goals have been implemented by Meta in recent years, while the MOU between Meta and NIC will formalize some of the projects that are being implemented.

Meta wants to play an active role in supporting Vietnam in pursuing its vision of developing a sustainable digital economy, similar to what it is doing in other countries around the world.

In the context of Covid-19, an important goal of the group is supporting SMEs to digitize to be able to recover after the pandemic

Since Covid-19 broke out, Meta has been one of the US technology firms making active contributions to the Government’s fight against the pandemic.

Since February 2020, Meta has provided free advertisement sponsorship packages to the Government Information Portal and the Ministry of Health (MOH) in order to promote the dissemination of official information about epidemic developments.

Since the Facebook pages ‘Thong tin Chinh Phu’ (Government Information) of the Government Information Portal and ‘Suc khoe Viet Nam’ (Vietnam Health) of MOH started running ads for content related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of followers on both pages has increased at least 10 times.

The Facebook page of the Government Information Portal now has more than 3.3 million followers, an increase of 2.7 million people just over a year. Important messages from the Government of Vietnam and MOH have reached tens of millions of people and attracted millions of interactions (likes, comments and shares).

The group met and discussed with the General Department of Taxation in April 2022 to learn about the implementation of Circular 80 on the mechanism for tax registration, declaration and payment for foreign contractors in Vietnam.

Meta has committed to register, declare and pay foreign contractor tax in accordance with the circular.

Trong Dat