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When foreign leaders ride bikes on streets, eat banh my and drink coffee

In 2023, many foreign politicians were invited by Vietnamese leaders to experience activities that symbolize their strong relationships.

Freelance photographers help birds take flight

Photographers and conservationists are helping to save endangered wild birds nationwide

The job of a food reviewer: occupational 'hazards'

Food reviewers have opportunities to eat delicious food, earn high income, and earn the respect of restaurant owners.

Green agriculture is wave of the future

“I often tell farmers that green agriculture is an irreversible trend and if they go against the world’s trend, they won’t be able to sell farm produce,” said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan.

The story of Pa Khoang Lake’s cherry blossom

Thousands of cherry blossom trees on Pá Khoang Island have been nurtured by Dr Trần Lệ, a biologist, who has a long career in high-tech agriculture.

Baker turns cakes into award-winning artworks

Le Phan Vien Hy is extremely enthusiastic about working with colors and shaping designs on cakes. The 34-year-old cake artist had the opportunity to showcase her creations in many other international cake events.

Australian man tries bamboo worms in northern mountainous province

Visiting Mu Cang Chai, an Australian man, who experienced local culture and traditions recently in the north, sampled bamboo worms, which he said were "amazingly delicious".

Young couple draw on happiness for vendors

Their channel, 'Draw Happiness', features videos documenting their journey around Ho Chi Minh City, discovering street vendors facing difficulties, and re-painting the signboards on their mobile shop for free.

Mekong Delta residents eagerly await new highways

Poor infrastructure was once a weak point in the Mekong Delta, making it impossible to connect with other areas in the southern region, and hindering investment.

Businesses face hardships, long for new policies, support

The government has made every effort to carry out reshuffling amid difficulties faced by Vietnamese enterprises with its Resolution 02.

Pouring big money into agriculture, billionaires reap high profits

Doan Nguyen Duc, known as Boss Duc, Tran Dinh Long and Tran Ba Duong, who started their business as a realtor and steel and automobile manufacturer, all have injected money into agriculture.

The path from former enemies to a comprehensive strategic partnership

February 3, 2024 was a special day: it marked the 30th anniversary of the US’s lifting of the trade embargo against Vietnam. The historic decision paved the way for the development of the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and the US.

Students under pressure to take part in so-called international competitions

Vietnamese students, including those who have just begun going to school, are preparing for "international competitions".

Vietnamese need Make-in-Vietnam Large Language Model

Developing a large language model (LLM) AI in the Vietnamese language will require huge resources.

Securities companies’ outstanding loans reach record high

Though their outstanding loans have reached a 2-year high, securities companies have reported profit falls, while market liquidity is declining.

Ethnic man with desire to bring Vietnamese coffee products to the world

Y Pot Niê, 36, an E De ethnic man, stands at his booth at the eighth National Farmers Forum, taking place in Hanoi, and inviting visitors to try a cup of his coffee.

Ambassadors of Vietnamese cuisine on the world stage

Vietnamese cuisine with its diverse, flavorful, and exquisite features has made its way to gourmets around the world in recent years, this popularity is attributable to a generation of talented and dedicated chefs.

Bamboo diplomacy elevates Vietnamese position as new challenges loom

Vietnam has pursued bamboo diplomacy for several decades that proves effective in keeping the country steadfast and resilience amid global headwinds and in raising its profile in international arena.

Young people earns millions of dong a month from food reviews

Eating and reviewing food is a new career in Vietnam. Active and prestigious food reviewers can earn tens of millions of dong a month.

Restricting waste-to-electricity capacity will do more harm than good: experts

A draft plan on implementing the eighth national power development plan (Plan 8) sets restrictions on the capacity of waste-to-electricity plants nationwide.