First low-carbon tourism certificate granted in Hoi An hinh anh 1General director of EMIC Phan Xuan Thanh (L) receives the Gold Platinum Low-Carbon Tourism Standard
certification given by Magnus International, a leading company in environmental project management and carbon offsets. (Photo courtesy of EMIC)

The Field Restaurant, managed by EMIC Hospitality, situated in the ancient city of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam, has been awarded the Gold Platinum Low-Carbon Tourism Standard certification by Magnus International, a leading company in environmental project management and carbon offsets. This distinction marks it as the first tourism establishment in Vietnam to achieve such a high standard.

Renowned for its exceptional dining experiences that honour indigenous culture while promoting natural ecosystem regeneration, the restaurant has dedicated considerable time to establishing a foundation rooted in zero waste principles, circular economy practices, and sustainability standards within the tourism sector.

Comprehensive waste management protocols have been implemented across all service areas, including waste management training programmes, initiatives to minimise waste, and measures to enhance energy efficiency. Additionally, the restaurant actively participates in community-based environmental and livelihood projects.

Operated within a self-sufficient garden setting, the restaurant employs biological wastewater treatment systems, as well as effective energy and water management practices, all situated amidst picturesque paddy fields.

It's hailed as the pioneering restaurant in Hoi An championing a sustainable approach based on the 5-R principle – Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose – since 2017.

EMIC Hospitality, in partnership with the Environmental Management Fund Foundation and Magnus International Thailand, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at enhancing their commitment to sustainability and positioning Hoi An as a model for sustainable and responsible tourism.

Kulladejha Siriwattanawat, President of the Environmental Management Fund Foundation, highlighted the significance of the Platinum level certification of the Low Carbon Tourism standard (LCTS), emphasising that while tourism is a vital industry for Vietnam, it also comes with environmental consequences.

Quang Nam province pioneered the 'Zero Plastic Waste Tourism' campaign in Việt Nam in 2019. Over 100 hotels, homestays, villas, and restaurants have pledged to reduce plastic waste./. VNA