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First Vietnamese films scheduled to be in cinemas after lockdown

Rừng Thế Mạng (Lost in the Jungle), a psychological thriller by Vietnamese filmmakers, will be in cinemas on December 31.

A scene from the psychological thriller 'Rừng Thế Mạng' (Lost in the Jungle), one among several Vietnamese films scheduled for release in HCM City on December 31. The film is by blockbuster director Tran Huu Tan. — Photo courtesy of the producer

The film is by blockbuster director Tran Huu Tan. 

It was scheduled to be released in June and was postponed after cinemas in Hanoi and HCM City, the two biggest markets in the country, closed on May 3 when the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic returned in late April. 

Rừng Thế Mạng features a group of trekkers who walk on mountains in Ta Nang-Phan Dung, a famous destination for travellers located in the provinces of Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. 

It portrays Kien, who becomes lost alone in the forest and has to fight for survival. 

Director Tan invited young actors such as Thanh Truc and Thuy Anh to play the lead roles. Celebrated artist Huu Chau is also included.

“My film is based on true stories. Rather than blood and tears, it highlights honesty and bravery,” said Tan, who is also a professional trekker.

“I hope Rừng Thế Mạng will cause my career to reach new heights.”

Tan’s film was the first Vietnamese film scheduled for screening in HCM City after five months of social distancing.

HCM City and southern provinces allowed many activities, markets, supermarkets and services to reopen on October 1. However, cinemas were still not on the list. 

“Vietnamese films are ready to go back to the cinema after being suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Tan.

Cinemas are ready to reopen in HCM City after closing on May 3 when the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic started in late April. — Photo courtesy of CGV

Another production, Bẫy Ngọt Ngào (Sweet Trap), by female director Dinh Ha Uyen Thu, is also scheduled for release in mid-December to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. 

The film features topics about love and women. 

It includes pop idol Bao Anh, singer-movie actresses Minh Hang and Dieu Nhi who are expected to guarantee the film’s financial success. 

“We spent several hundred million dong on marketing and advertising our production in local media,” said actress Minh Hang, who is also the film’s producer. 

“We hope our film will be shown soon in cinemas to entertain audiences during the big holiday at Christmas and New Year,” she added.

Cinemas owners and film producers, such as Thien Ngan (Galaxy) Studio, BHD, CJ CGV and Lotte, are ready to reopen their cinemas in HCM City. 

They have encouraged audiences to purchase tickets online and comply with the health ministry’s healthcare rules outside and inside cinemas. All of their employees who work in cinemas have been fully vaccinated.

Source: Vietnam News

Vietnamese films ready for screening

Vietnamese films ready for screening

Vietnamese films are ready to go back to the cinema after being suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 


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