VietNamNet Bridge - Two years have elapsed since Nguyen Ha Dong roused the world gamer community with his Flappy Bird. But the name Nguyen Ha Dong has always been hot.



Dong has written on his Facebook page that Guinness World Records on January 18 will announce the recognition of Flappy Bird as the “first app to be withdrawn after topping Apple App Store's chart”.

Dong reported the news in a calm manner; he has received a lot of congratulations, which have also come in a quiet way.

“So Flappy Bird and I were named in the Guinness Record Book for a record that doesn’t make any sense,” he wrote on his Facebook. However, Flappy Bird is still a life achievement for him.

Flappy Bird became popular all over the world in early 2013. It was believed to help Dong earn $50,000 a day. 

Flappy Bird became popular all over the world in early 2013. It was believed to help Dong earn $50,000 a day. 

However, Dong unexpectedly decided to pull down Flappy Bird from Apple app store in February 2014. Since then, Dong has been very quiet and only occasionally shares information via Facebook and Twitter. 

However, he still leads a very busy life. With his hard work, a new game has been brought into life - Swing Copters 2.

Swing Copters 2 is the next version of Swing Copters, which Dong first launched in August 2015.

With the familiar 8-bit style, players will have to regulate a character with a propeller on its head to help it overcome barriers by clicking repeatedly on the screen. However, this is not an easy task.

Like Flappy Bird, Swing Copters 2 is also a difficult game. Dong said 74 was the highest score he made with the game. Some gamers who tried Swing Copters 2 said they got only one score after 10 attempts.

Swing Copters 2 is available for free on iOS and Android.

More recently, in January 2016, Obokaidem, a Japanese games firm, announced cooperation with Dong in a project named N Project.

On January 10, .Gears’ Facebook showed that N Project would launch its latest game called ‘Ninja’. 

Prior to that, in late December 2015, Dong’s name appeared in local newspapers as he had a meeting with Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai in Hanoi during the CEO’s working visit.

The Google CEO wrote he ‘enjoyed meeting with @dongatory, creator of Flappy Bird, in Hanoi today, amazing where next great developers can come from’. Meanwhile, Dong said the Google CEO was a ‘nice and humble gentleman’.

Dong once appeared in an interview in Rolling Stone, a famous American magazine, which arranged the meeting between Sean Penn and the Mexican godfather Mexico Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Besides spending time on making games, Dong is considering designing a 3D printing machine. 

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