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The classical Vietnamese theatre form tuong has faced difficulties in broadening its appeal to the general public, particularly the young, but this could be changing thanks to a series of programmes created by the Vietnam Tuong Theatre.

Tuong artists to perform at China-ASEAN Theatre Festival and Forum

Artists from the Vietnam Tuong Theatre will perform at the China-ASEAN Theatre Festival and Forum, which opens in Nanning in China’s Guangxi Province on November 27.

Cai luong star performs in TV shows

Cai luong (reformed opera) star Bui Cong Danh, winner of the famous TV show Sao Nối Ngôi (Bright Stars) 2021, will perform in a series of theatre shows on Vinh Long Television’s THVL1 channel next month. 

Art project preserves tuong

A new art project on preserving tuong or hat boi (classical drama), a traditional genre of Vietnamese theatre which began in the 17th century, has just been launched in HCM City. 

Project helps young people get in touch with love traditional art

Xam (blind busker singing) is a centuries-old singing style of Vietnamese people in the northern region. It has long been recognised as an important part of national cultural heritage.

Docudrama on ả đào singing to be made this year

A docudrama entitled Ả Đào (Songstress) on ca trù (ceremonial singing) folk music will be made this year. The film crew includes scriptwriter Bui Trong Hien and director Nguyen Trung Thanh.

HCM City theatre group preserves tuong

One of Ho Chi Minh City’s private theatres is working to introduce young people to tuong or hat boi (classical drama), a Vietnamese traditional theatre genre that originated in the 17th century. 

Shapes of Sounds offers new folk arts performances

The Voice of HCM City People (VOH) has launched a special art project offering folk music, dance and singing performances this month. 

Chamber music star wows with a new album of folk singing

Chamber music singer Khanh Ly has released a surprise new folk album entitled Lời Ru Nguồn Cội (Lullaby from the Origin).

Fostering the ‘soul’ of Muong culture

Artisan Pham Thi Tang in the north-central province of Thanh Hóa’s Ngọc Lặc District is known locally as the “soul keeper” of ethnic Muong culture.

HCM City launches new art project on folk music

A long-term art project offering folk music albums and performances has been launched as part of HCM City’s efforts to introduce Vietnamese traditional arts and culture to young people.

Pop idol’s new MV features folk music

Pop idol Hoang Thuy Linh has released her new music video (MV) Kẻ Cắp Gặp Bà Già (The Old Woman and Her Thief). The work features folk music.

Lang Son promotes folk music value

As peach blossoms flaunt their deep pink colour on the threshold of spring, the melodies of folk music are everywhere in all the hamlets in the northern province of Lang Son.

Young Mong people breathe new life into folk music

A group of young Mong people in Hanoi will perform a Mong folk song with a new arrangement at the Our Music project review on December 27.

Artisan dedicates life to ritual singing

The beautiful melody of traditional instruments and the charming lyrics of chầu văn (trance ritual singing) have enchanted Ta Thi Bich Loc since she was a small child.

New policy needed to preserve ethnic Khmer music forms

With the introduction of modern musical forms, the folk music of ethnic Khmer in the southern region has encountered multiple problems retaining its popular status.

A digital archive for ceremonial singing needed

Folk music researchers support the creation of a digital archive of ca trù (ceremonial singing) owned by a State-run agency to preserve the traditional artform and gather scattered materials owned by individual artists and researchers.

Musician takes dan tranh worldwide

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese musician Tri Nguyen learned to play both the piano and the traditional Vietnamese dan tranh (zither) at an early age.

Teen talent wants young folk to like folk music

 VietNamNet Bridge – Cao Ba Hung, in his teens, can play more musical instruments than the number of years he’s been on this earth.

Week celebrating ethnic groups’ heritage to open

 VietNamNet Bridge – Hundreds of representatives from various ethnic groups will participate in cultural activities organised at the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism between November 18 and 23.