This proposal is intended to meet the demand of local residents and tourists during the upcoming New Year holiday.

Currently, there are about 30 hotels, restaurants and food establishments along a section of Nguyen Hue Boulevard, stretching between the intersections of Le Loi Boulevard and Ton Duc Thang Street in downtown HCMC.

This proposal is part of a plan to develop the night-time economy in District 1, with the local government aiming to transform the pedestrian street into a vibrant place for cultural, festive, and sporting activities. The project will divide Nguyen Hue Street into different zones, each catering to the specific requirements of various artistic performances and events.

District 1 has also outlined an operational plan with specific purposes for the six roads adjacent to Nguyen Hue Boulevard, ensuring convenience for visitors. Notably, some motorcycle parking spaces may be made available on sections of Mac Thi Buoi, Ngo Duc Ke, and Hai Trieu streets, starting January 1, 2024.

HCM City to launch 5,000 vending stalls selling quality Hu tieu

The HCM City Tourism Association is working with some local firms to launch 5,000 vending stalls selling quality rice noodle soup or Hu tieu, a famous traditional dish of the southern region, to visitors.

“The project aims to introduce the best Hu tieu to visitors in and outside the country," the association said. "The ingredients and staff will be carefully selected to ensure the quality of Hu tieu to visitors."

The association also expects to expand the project to other localities.

Rice noodle soup is a well-known noodle dish in the southern region. The dish is known for its thin, chewy texture and savory, sweet and rich broth. It has gained popularity over time and is a favorite dish for many visitors to the region.

Source: Saigon Times/Dtinews