food poisoning claims 15 lives over six-month period hinh 0
Food poisoning claims 15 lives in Vietnam over six-month period

In June alone, nine food poisoning cases had been reported, affecting 393 people.

Statistics released by the Vietnam Food Administration following an analysis of a number of food poisoning cases from 2010 to 2020 indicate that the main causes are microorganisms, accounting for 38.7%, natural toxins, making up 28.4%, and chemicals, representing 4.2%.

Moreover, the risk of food poisoning increases during hot weather due to food turning rancid much quicker.

Most notably, the administration believes that roughly 70% of food poisoning cases in collective kitchens were caused by unsafe meals that had been delivered from other locations.

To prevent food poisoning cases, the administration has asked local authorities to strengthen inspection and examination in collective kitchens, mainly at industrial parks and export processing zones. In line with regulations, any food processing companies that are found in violation be fined and or even suspended. VOV