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Football coach Park Hang Seo: "I'm not interested in fame"

In addition to professional goals, Korean head coach Park Hang Seo of the Vietnamese national football squad wants to improve the mission of connecting Vietnam and Korea.


HLV Park Hang Seo: 'Tôi không mặn mà với hào quang'

Korean head coach Park Hang Seo of the Vietnamese national football squad



"Within the three years I have worked in Vietnam, we can see the harmony between the two countries through football. Many people see me as an icon, or a bridge between Vietnam and Korea," said coach Park Hang Seo.

He said that success in football will be forgotten very quickly if he fails, so he always thinks about the present as well as the future, instead of the past halo.

"I always think that fame is the same as acting. I am always grateful for the support and love of the Vietnamese people. That sentiment has definitely affected my performance and achievement because I am the head coach of the national football team,” he said.

“I try not to be dependent on fame as it may disappear very quickly. I had a similar experience at the 2002 World Cup when I used to be famous, so I try not to be too interested in this aura," he said.

He affirmed that Vietnamese fans' feelings for him are very sincere, so to thank fans, he tries to take pictures or give his autograph because he is not fluent in Vietnamese.

"We do our best to show our sincere gratitude to our fans as much as we can," Mr. Park said.

The coach said the image of Korea in Vietnam is much better thanks to football. "I have heard many stories about Korean people and tourists served and treated very well by Vietnamese or at local restaurants or tourist spots every time the Vietnamese national team wins or plays well.

And I'm glad that the harmony in football helps the development of many other relationships in society,” he said.

“However, I always feel that I am receiving too much attention from fans. So I feel sorry for the coaching staff and the whole team who have always worked hard together. If I play a role in the development of diplomacy between the two countries, I will always be willing to take a part."

Huy Phong-LH

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