foreign traveller chooses vietnam as a wonderful destination for family vacation picture 1
Riverside dinner at Secret Garden in Hoi An, including local specialties cao lau (left) and banh bao vac (white rose dumplings, right). Photo courtesy of Todd Babiak.

Babiak, his wife, and two teenage daughters chose Vietnam for a 10-day trip, a holiday that helps to draw family members away from their phones, the dramas of teenage girlhood, and middle-aged corporate life.

Da Nang, which is a youthful and fast-growing city famous for its beaches, seafood, surrounding mountains, and complex history, was their first destination.

They tried variations of delicacies such as bánh xèo, a savoury pancake filled with fresh and delicious vegetables and seafood, and mì quảng, a compromise between rich turmeric soup and a green salad. 

The foreigners enjoyed the dishes at an eatery close to Dragon Bridge, a bridge shaped like a dragon that breathes fire for tourists at 9 p.m., before taking a walk through the night market. 

Their next stop was in Hoi An City which is a famous textile hub that is home to hundreds of tailors. Some are modest and others are internationally renowned such as Yaly Couture and Kimmy Tailor, who also has a shop in Toronto.

Riding in the lantern boats of Thu Bon River, visiting the city’s little pottery village, or sampling some of Hoi Ans delights all proved wonderful experiences for his two daughters, according to Babiak. 

 “I hope we will be back in Vietnam for trips to the north and the south, for more local history and street foods, night markets and the time-stopping hopes of four curious foreigners holding on to each other a bit longer,” the writer shared.

Source: VOV