VietNamNet Bridge - According to the police of Loc Tho and Tan Lap wards, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, they have recently been reported about the violations committed by foreigners everyday.



Mr. Binh, a guard of Hung Phu apartment block was hospitalized after being attacked by David Stendal Vanilla.

On the afternoon of January 29, at the Orange shop on Nguyen Thien Thuat Road, Tan Lap war, three Russian tourists, including a woman name Victoria Varekhina, 29, came to buy clothes. The shop owner and the three Russian customers had a conflict in calculating the price. Around 30 minutes later, Varekhina Victoria came back to the shop, poured gas on clothes and set them afire. Thankfully, the mobile police force 113 was present timely and joined the local people to extinguish the fire.

In the early morning of January 12, David Stendal Vanilla, Belgian nationality, a resident of the Hung Phu apartments in Vinh Hai Ward, returned home after a party. Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, a guard, opened the door for him.

Suddenly, David Vanilla Stendal approached and consecutively punched the face of Binh and knocked him down on the spot. After that, David continued to beat another guard named Nguyen Van Tam. The two guards were brought to the hospital for emergency aid.

Earlier, on the night of November 14, 2012, Mr. Uwe Wohel Wender, German nationality. smashed the furniture in a hotel room on Hung Vuong Street. At the police station, he said at the time he was drugged.

On November 19, this man threw 10 eggs at the window of a restaurant on Hung Vuong Street and cursed and caused disorder at the restaurant.

After being invited to the police headquarters, Uwe Wohel Wender thrashed tables, chairs and kicked a police officer. The police imposed an administrative fine on this German man for disturbing public order.

A leader of the Nha Trang City Police Agency admitted that it is difficult to handle foreign tourists. Because of the language barrier, they intentionally did not cooperate with and tried to provoke Vietnamese police. If they are fined, they speak ill about Nha Trang on travel forums.

Compiled by Le Ha