1. Love on a motorbike: It is common to see young couples on motorbikes on the streets of Vietnam. During the weekend, at famous tourist attractions in big cities, one will see many young couples sitting on motorbike saddles to chat, eat ice cream or exchange hugs. Motorbikes are the most common means of transport in Vietnam.

2. Vehicle horns everywhere: Foreign tourists are advised to try riding a motorbike and learn how to use the horn as a way to ensure their own safety. During rush hours, the sound of vehicle horns can be heard throughout the street. 

3. Vietnamese coffee: For those who love coffee, the taste of Vietnamese Robusta coffee will be very attractive. Tourists can easily find coffee shops anywhere, but be aware that Vietnamese coffee is very strong.

4. The rains are a sign of the northeast monsoon: Visiting the North of Vietnam in the monsoon season, one can see a very typical weather: it is sunny and then suddenly it rains the next day and the cold air comes.

5. Be careful when walking: In Vietnam, most vehicles do not have the habit of stopping to give way to pedestrians. Visitors should follow traffic lights properly or ask for help from local people if they find it difficult crossing the road.

6. Agile older women: If in many countries, the elderly often choose to rest, in Vietnam, the elderly still play an important role in the daily life of many families. They take care of the house, handle the family business, help the children, or even go to the market for trading.

7. Speaking loudly is not rude: At street restaurants, visitors can see the owner or staff often talking very loudly. But it is not always speaking loud to show annoyance or anger; on the contrary, it shows generosity due to the daily habits of the locals.

Thuy Chi