VietNamNet Bridge – Recent hot weather caused fires in Son Tien Commune, in the central province of Ha Tinh, which then spread to the neighbouring province of Nghe An, leaving damage in Khanh Son Commune.


Fire destroyed pine forests in Khanh Son Commune, central Nghe An Province on Sunday. — Photo

It took firefighters 14 hours to stamp out the blaze in the pine forest in Khanh Son Commune.

The fire, which was reported to have started around midday on Sunday, was under control by 2am on Monday. High temperatures and strong winds were said to have caused difficulties in extinguishing the fire.

Three other forest fires were reported on the same day in other hamlets in the commune.

Last month, fires reportedly destroyed about 100 hectares of forest in the central province.

In the northern province of Ha Nam, more than 300 people, police and firefighters worked to extinguish a forest fire in Thanh Luu Commune, Thanh Liem District.

The fire destroyed about 4.3 hectares of pine, acacia and eucalyptus trees.

A strong heat wave has hit northern and central provinces, pushing average temperatures to over 35 degrees Celsius.

Some areas have reported temperatures as high as 39 degrees Celsius, including 39.4 degrees Celsius in Chi Ne (northern province of Hoa Binh) and Vinh Yen City (Vinh Phuc Province), 39.1 degrees in Lang (Hanoi), 39.5 degrees in Hung Yen, 39.6 degrees in Nho Quan (Ninh Binh Province) and 40.4 degrees in Tinh Gia (Thanh Hoa).

The heat wave that started at the weekend is expected to last until Friday. Some regions will experience average temperatures of above 35 degrees for between 12-16 hours a day.

Experts warn that the heat wave could be dangerous if it lasts for seven consecutive days, leading to negative impacts on human health, especially the elderly and children. Heavy rains are predicted following the high temperatures. Health experts warn that such conditions are ideal for the spread of dengue fever.

Source: VNS